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30 terrifying club tracks to soundtrack your Halloween

30 terrifying club tracks to soundtrack your Halloween

What’s Halloween without a spooky soundtrack? We’ve compiled a playlist of 30 terrifying, intense and eerie cuts from across the electronic spectrum designed to send shivers down your spine. From devastating drones and experimentalism to fearsome techno and jungle, these are the tracks guaranteed to have you quaking on the dancefloor

Horror, when done well, isn’t about constant jump scares and incessant gore. The scariest stories, films and shows are rather the ones that feed on suspense – on their unpredictability and potential to make blood run cold with the most subtle shift in tone.

The same rule applies to music that is intended to frighten or alarm you. Be it an album, live show or DJ set, if it were all relentless kicks, rave stabs, screams and bass meltdowns, the experience would lose its panache within a matter of minutes. It’s much more effective to let the chill set in gradually; for the creeping dread and discomfort to worm its way into the listener’s ears, through their bones and into their chests before letting rip with the electric onslaught. Scary club music, when done right, thrills and shakes before creeping back again... Waiting for the next moment of release and terror.

Anyway, that’s why this Halloween we’ve made a playlist of some of the scariest club tracks we could find, filling it with everything from experimental drones, and eerie electronica to harrowing techno, jungle and electro. From the devastating, subdued tones of Andy Stott and Demdike Stare to the blood curdling howls of Pharmakon and Aja Ireland on Perc’s ‘Spit’, there is something in here to startle almost anyone. From the chilling and distorted techno of Giant Swan, Pan Daijing and ELLLL to the frenzied jungle of Venetian Snares and Christoph de Babalon, this is a playlist to unsettle and unnerve and which could, given the right party, still work terrible wonders on a dark dancefloor. Dig in.