Plus stream their nine-hour set at Berlin's Watergate via DJ Mag

Adana Twins know their tunes. It's no small feat to be able to spin for a whopping nine hours, but that's exactly what the duo have just done, taking over Berlin's Watergate last month. 

Delivered in two parts, DJ Mag has nabbed an exclusive stream of the much talked about set — the mix charts everything from crate dug disco to militant techno stompers. In the wake of one of Watergate's longest sets to date, DJ Mag sat down with Adana Twins to talk marathon mixes, party stamina and record bag essentials. 

Stream part one of the mix below or download via the DJ Mag Soundcloud.

Part two coming 10th August only via DJ Mag. 

Hi Adana Twins! You’re known for playing long sets, what’s the secret to your stamina? 
"Phew… first question and already a tough one. Can we start with an easier one? Maybe, tell us about your name? [laughs]. What’s the secret? Well, for us, it’s definitely our background and the experience we gained over the past (several) years. Especially the time when we had our residency at Baalsaal in Hamburg or when we played our all-nightlong sets at this small bar in Hamburg called Pooca. We learned a lot at these places. We learned how to read the audience, how to build up a night, how to smash a night and how to crash a night! This was definitely the best school and we never want to miss it."

Longest set you’ve ever spun?
"Four years ago at Pooca in Hamburg. We started at 11pm and ended at 12am. Too many drinks and we had to recover for almost 3 days afterwards."

How do you know when it’s time to stop? 
"When the people are in zombie mode, just waving their arms around and buying no more drinks so the bar keeper almost falls asleep — then it’s time to stop a party. Of course, if you want you could spin for 10 more hours for these few guys, but it doesn’t make much sense for anyone."

How do you prepare for a marathon set?
"We always try to relax and to get a lot of sleep before. We’re always listening to all kinds of music and thinking 'what worked well last time and what didn’t?' Of course we always need a proper dinner and a good drink before our shows. When we have to spin eight hours and more, your body needs to be prepared for the madness."

Tell us three records that never leave your bag?
Matthias Meyer ’Infinity’ 
"Big-time tune. Always works." 

Absolute Beginner ’Liebes Lied’
"Most of peoplewon’t know this song, it's German hip-hop from Hamburg. But if your hear it at the end of a night you will love it. The last time we played it was at an afterparty at Destino in Ibiza where we played back-to-back with Solomun. It was the perfect ending of a great night. Especially for all the guys from our hometown, there were smiles on everyone’s faces."

Larry Heard Presents Mr. White – ‘The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version)’
"We usually play this song when it rains at festivals. It’s a great moment when the sun comes out and the party continues!"

Tell us the best thing about being a duo? And the worst?
"The best thing is that two people have more experience than one, you have more time, you can work faster and share tasks, and you always have someone you can talk to. The most special moments are always the ones you can share with someone. You can compare it to a good relationship. Sometimes your partner drives you crazy and you just want to kick his ass. But hey, that’s normal and without these moments the relationship would be as boring!"

What’s coming up for you next?
"We have a release coming up on Exploited including remixes by Krankbrother, Dino Lenny and SevenDoors. It’s different from our old stuff and with this one and our last remix for Flow & Zeo on Warung Recordings, a new chapter begins for Adana Twins. We always get a great response from the crowd when we drop it. Also, we will be touring South America and Asia again and are working on new stuff. We just moved into our new studio and our creativity in the new place is amazing."