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'Positive Energy' (Lutetia Dubz) + Exclusive free download

Parisian Von D has been writing his soulful blend of jazz and dubstep for over half a decade now, and his latest work, 'Positive Energy', his second album, is his most accomplished work yet. Released on French label Lutetia Dubz, the album of dubstep love songs feels as at home on headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

It seems like a Von D release comes once every summer, which is undeniably the perfect time for his music — pure good vibes and funky beats. You'll find no aggression in Von D's 140.

It's refreshing to see that Von D has stuck to his guns in a scene that's changing so rapidly, and still has the same style as his first release, even including a hugely anticipated VIP of his dubstep classic 'Show Me' (you may remember that Skream remix).

The album begins with the lazy 'Land of the Long White Cloud', a perfect start to the album as it instantly puts the listener in a nostalgic, chilled state, leaving them well-prepared for the rest of the album. From there, the album explores many different vibes and tempos, with absolutely no filler tracks.

Each track is as catchy and intricate as the last, though if we had to choose our four highlights:

The unstoppably funky title track, 'Positive Energy'. It's hard to think of any track quite as groovy as this one. Showing that he can work with rappers as well as singers, this track is further proof that Von D is the absolute master of using vocalists in dubstep.

The collaboration between Von D and Silkie, 'Fryst', not least because the pair are responsible for one of our favourite dubstep tracks of all time.

'VLove' for its huge beat and great horns.

And the undeniably beautiful 'Show Me VIP' the much awaited dub, for its great piano melody, nostalgia and the brilliant horn solo on its outro.


To celebrate the release, Von D has very kindly given us an exclusive free download of 'Shadow Boxing' for our readers. No relation to the Doc Scott jungle anthem, this huge wobbler features the vocal talents of Asher Dust and a particularly heavy bassline, showcasing Von D's rare ability to control rich harmonies and heavyweight basslines at the same time.

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