Brodanse spill the beans on working with the almighty Groove Armada…

“We met Groove Armada at a gig they did six months ago at Village Underground. They were 'big fans' (their words, not ours) of a track we made called 'Activate' featuring Cari Golden and they played it on their BBC 6Music show. From there we talked about doing some music together. 

“We kick-started an idea and sent it over to Cari, she loved it and laid down some vocals that night in her studio and sent it over the next morning. It was quite serendipitous really as she had this vocal hook for ages but no one was sending the right stuff. Anyhow, Groove Armada loved it, and then we all went away and did our thing with the tracks, eventually coming back with the 'Club Version' and the 'Deep Version' — there was meant to be a third version, but it never happened. We were so happy with the two edits and could not see any reason to add more to the EP.

“Talking from our side on the production front, we used Logic alongside an Arturia Minibrute, Spectrasonics Ompnisphere 'mother synth' and a mixture of samples we have gathered over time. We worked the vocals with some relatively simple effects, eg. reverb, delay and a bit of EQ. Obviously, production methods are quite subjective and we don't believe there is ever any right or wrong way. We have a template already set up so that as soon as we want to get to work we can, we can instantly get an idea down and not lose momentum at the outset of a project — we would highly recommend doing this in a format to suit your production needs.

“The most important thing we can say to upcoming producers/DJs, though, is get out there and meet people! This whole EP came about from meetings in person. We met Cari at Sonar festival through our friends Anja Schneider & Ralf Kollmann [Mobilee Records] and we met Groove Armada through our main man, great friend and Danse Club ambassador Severino of Horse Meat Disco.

“We are currently working on what's known as a triptych, so 'Sweat' is part one of three of this collaborative EP, which seems to be working nicely! 'Part 2' is with Kevin Knapp, who you may remember from his bomb 'Like This' with Audiojack, and 'Part 3' is with… no, we can't tell you, you'll just have to wait and see! Exciting times!”