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Modeselektor’s seminal imprint shuts up shop...

50Weapons is finishing — as it’s reached 50 releases. The ceasefire is confirmed in a video on the official 50Weapons website recounting the label’s extensive back catalogue, sub-headed by the phrase ‘A Record Label From Berlin’. A factual statement that, in essence, completely understates the success of this fantastic imprint, yet typifies the 50Weapons no- frills ethos that made them so respected.

The label set out ten years ago with a view to releasing only bootlegs, with no further mandate. 50Weapons #001 dropped first — initially anonymously — from founders Modeselektor; a one-sided sample-heavy white label that sat in their back catalogue for several years. In 2009, they followed up with #002, and the spirit of releasing only 50 records became the directive of this brilliant label.

Modeselektor’s other, more straight-laced label, Monkeytown Music, has played host to more mainstream club cuts over the years, whilst 50Weapons has continued to pump out harder and continually abstract techno and electronica. It’s welcomed the likes of Moderat, Benjamin Damage, Cosmin TRG, Addison Groove, Shed, Bambounou, Dark Sky, Marcel Dettmann to name but a few, but sadly, by the end of this year, 50Weapons will shut up shop.

The fact that they will shortly be reaching 50 vinyl releases is the reason for their closure. Modeselektor said from the start that there was a time limit on their imprint. So, what’s next? Maybe 51-100Weapons could follow? Whatever the case, we’re watching this space closely.