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Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

John Digweed's latest Transitions

BEDROCK main man John Digweed is firing on all cylinders. 'Transitions Vol. 4', the latest installment of his ongoing mix series, is out now on Renaissance - a dark, melodic excursion into the deep, which includes tracks and remixes by Loco Dice, Pig & Dan and Two Lone Swordsmen - and now John's revealed plans for a newly invigorated Bedrock Records.

"After 'Transitions Volume 4', the most important thing I'm working on is the label," Digweed asserted.
"Obviously we've had a bit of a break release-wise. Guy J's track 'Under Pressure' is gonna be the first new release, and he's just delivered his album to me, which has got that very cool electronic sound, quite dreamy.
It's one of those things you could have on after a club, or by the pool, I'm really blown away by it. It's a good way to re-launch the label.
"I've also got a track by DJ Jinx from France, and we'll have a few other things on the go quite soon."

The DJ also divulged that he's working on several new productions.
"I've started a few new things with Nick Muir, and I'm going to be getting back in the studio over the summer to finish off those tracks."

Meanwhile, the 'Transitions' series may undergo a transformation with the next release.
"I spoke to Renaissance and we're up for continuing the series. We'll work on getting one together for the beginning of next year, work out the best way forward, whether it's a double album or whatever. We just want to experiment," said John.