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Dance For Climate Change

Dance For Climate Change

Some environmentally-conscious DJs will be performing at a event next week to help save the planet!

Climate change and global warming is very much in the public sphere at the moment, and on Friday 10th November environmentally friendly clubbers and DJs will be coming together in London on to help save the world, as all proceeds from techno night Tilted Disco will be donated to Friends Of The Earth.

A Guy Called Gerald, Colin Dale, The Bassline Circus, Envoy, Steve Strawberry and Sinister DJs are all playing on the night for free but, unlike most charity-led club events, all the DJs are committed to the cause.

"It's time to use our minds to regenerate all of the waste we create and to make new energy," said A Guy Called Gerald.

"It's time for the government to take the responsibility and lead world opinion by supporting 'The Big Ask'."

Colin Dale from Tilted Disco agreed: "Climate change is something that affects us all and we need to get some serious Government action on it.

"This event is a way of getting the message out there and I really hope people will support this, sign up to the Big Ask, put pressure on our politicians and enjoy themselves at the same time."

Envoy, a Soma artist reckoned that we can all do out bit, saying: "We can all help by changing our lifestyles so it doesn't have as much of an impact, but I think it's also important to make sure our government knows they should be pro-active in their approach to tackling this problem."

Tilted Disco @ Mass, Brixton

Friday 10 November
A Guy Called Gerald
Colin Dale
The Bassline Circus
Steve Strawberry
Sinister DJs
MC Melanie Jane (formerly MC Vanna)

£6 in advance at