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Danny's Marathon Set

Danny's Marathon Set

Danny Howells will play an 8-hour set at London's The End club soon. He's bored of playing two-hour sets he says.

Cheeky Hastings-based DJ Danny Howells loves playing mammoth sets – at the end of March he'll play 8 hours straight at The End nightclub in central London.

Called 'Dig Deeper', Howells launched his extra-long DJ set concept last year because he thinks playing a two-hour set is for wimps.

"I got to the stage where the usual two-hour sets were becoming a bit stale for me," says Danny.

Danny Howells Dig Deeper
"I do them when I have to but I've always felt a lot stronger when I've been in control of the entire night.

"It is what I enjoy the most, and it can be the most rewarding experience as a DJ."

Danny has famously eclectic tastes – his recent 'Choice' compilation for Azuli combined funk, old house classics, and disco – and his 8-hour set at The End will allow him to fully express himself as an artist, and showcase some of his vast record collection.

"Dig Deeper allows me to truly be myself," he says.

"It's about me playing for the whole night without any musical boundaries, and having fun doing it at the same time."

Danny Howells' 'Dig Deeper' takes place at The End, West Central St, London, on 31 March 2006.