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DJ Diary: Judge Jules

DJ Diary: Judge Jules

Judge Jules is one of the world's biggest DJs. asked him to track his weekend's movements for us.

Judge Jules DJ Diary

Judge Jules is one of the world's most in demand DJs. We asked him to track his weekend's movements for


9am - Caught a BA flight back from Dubai, where I played on Thursday night.

After sleeping for a few hours onboard, I edited five tracks for the weekend's gigs and radio show and answered lots of emails.

I answer every email I receive, which takes 10-15 hours every week.

I would have done more on my laptop, but the in-seat power wasn't working and my battery ran out.

1.30pm - Landed at Heathrow and went home, where I went through some more of the week's promo tunes and compiled and burned CDs to play out.

I play my sets from CD, and the way you organise them has a big impact on your set and how it is programmed.

8.30pm - Had a two hour disco nap before heading out to gigs in Camberley (Surrey) and Turmills in London.

It's unusual to have such a local itinerary, and it was nice being able to set out as late as 11pm.

Midnight - Played at Pantiles in Camberley. Played a house set- I play one or two house sets per month- it's always refreshing playing something different from your regular style.

The club was packed.

3am - Played The Gallery at Turnmills in London alongside Eddie Halliwell and Adam Sheridan.

This is both my most regular gig (once every 4-6 weeks) and my most local one too. Arrived home around 5am.

Recorded both of the night's sets on my I-Key USB recorder, only for neither of them to come out. Pissed off…

Judge Jules DJ Diary

Judge Jules DJ Diary


Woke up at 11am and went out food shopping with my wife Amanda and 18 month old daughter Phoebe, before being collected to go back to Heathrow, en route to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Dundee.

3pm - Took off for Edinburgh cursing the fact that my flight coincided with the kick off of the FA Cup Final.

I'm a football fanatic, and normally wouldn't let this sort of thing happen.

I've planned all my summer flights and resort gigs around World Cup fixtures, but I wasn't being so careful where the FA Cup was concerned.

5pm - Landed in Edinburgh, dropped my overnight stuff in the Edinburgh Airport Hilton and was driven in a BBC Car to Dundee, arriving at 6pm.

7-10pm - Anchored a live backstage show on Radio 1 co-presented with Annie Mac, playing out the best of the live acts at One Big Weekend and teasing the mood for the nights after party, at which all the dance DJs were playing live.

10.30 -12am - Chilled out in a Dundee hotel day room, thinking about my set at London Nightclub (location for the afterparty.) It was live on air, so a bit of planning was called for.

1am- DJ'd at London Nightclub, which was full with 2000 in attendance, immediately after Pete Tong.

Then I got driven back to the Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh.

It's much easier to do your travelling at night and stay at conveniently located airport hotels.


Woke up at midday and tried to check in online for my flight at the hotel's business centre. Annoyingly it was shut on Sundays, forcing me to queue for 40 minutes for my KLM flight to Amsterdam, and the night's gig in Holland. Web check-in is such a time saver…

5pm - Arrived into Amsterdam's Schipol Airport and checked into the Sheraton Hotel, meeting Eddie Halliwell and Ben Spiers from Good Greef, who were doing the same gig.

After having one of the better hotel restaurant meals I've had recently, set off for the gig at 7pm.

8pm - Arrived for the gig (an all dayer, which was busy), played 8-10pm, and hung around during Eddie's 10-midnight set, doing a couple of interviews in the club's office afterwards.

Had a couple of drinks in Eddie's room, before hitting the hay at 2am.

Flew back to the UK at 11am Monday morning….