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DJ Mag and Beat Fever team up to bring Top 100 DJs to mobile phones

The app will enable voters to choose their favourite DJs on their phones…

Top 100 Beat Fever DJ Mag partnership
Top 100 Beat Fever DJ Mag partnership

DJ Mag has teamed up with mobile music app Beat Fever to bring the Top 100 DJs vote right to people’s phones.

In collaboration with DJ Mag, Beat Fever will not only introduce a one-touch voting system into their app for the Top 100 DJs but will also feature an immersive, interactive album with multiple songs by artists featured in the poll.

Beat Fever will raise awareness of the Top 100 DJs poll, in aid of UNICEF, via push notifications, a mobile marketing campaign, and a special award to be announced at the Top 100 DJs Awards dinner on 21st October.

“We are proud to be working with the fantastic team at Beat Fever to bring Top 100 DJs to new and exciting audiences,” said DJ Mag’s managing director Martin Carvell of the partnership. “The poll is celebrating a 25th anniversary this year, having grown from a reader vote, based on coupons in the magazine all the way through to the modern day, where over 1 million people vote online. We will continue to work with innovators in the field to ensure Top 100 DJs remains the most important global DJ ranking.”

Top 100 DJs is the most globally representative poll of the world’s most popular DJs with over 1 million unique votes cast in 2017. The publicly-voted poll inspires fierce debate across the year with speculation on the world’s No.1 DJ, new entries and biggest climbers dominating online discussion and beyond.