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DJ Tutor On The Web

DJ Tutor On The Web

Struggling to put two records together? Just watch this bloke's videos on YouTube...

A self-confessed run-of-the-mill DJ has become an unlikely internet star, after his DJ tutorials on popular video sharing site YouTube took off.

Johnathan M Bouvier Lewis, who is the only DJ in the small Welsh village where he lives, started uploading seminars for a laugh.

But then his flicks starting attracting 2000 people a day.

"On the web, there are only a few videos that teach people how to DJ and even these are really advanced," he said.

"There's only stuff like scratching tips from top turntablists, but what about all the newcomers?

"There are so many DJs out there who have decks but don't even know how to use them. So I decided to go back to square one."

Over the last few months, Johnathan has uploaded over 130 video sessions that show how to do the basics of DJing, from beatmatching and counting-bars, to using pitch-controls, CD decks and mixers properly.

In one example he can even be seen slagging off superstar DJs: "The superstar DJs aren't that good - the only reason they are classed as superstars is because of hype, ego, and they love themselves," he mocks, like a self-help DJ guru to his camcorder.

"I don't class myself as an expert, I just want to help DJs," he told

"I've never been particularly successful as a jock, but since 1976 I've been playing music at parties and am technically confident.

"I just hope that some of the superstar DJs will now see what I have done, pick up a camera, and pass on some of their tips too."

If you're a beginner DJ looking for some help, check out his lessons at