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DJ Weekly Podcast

23: Catz 'N Dogz

Hailing from Poland but now split between there and Berlin, Catz ‘N Dogz, aka Greg and Voitek, dropped one of last year’s hottest album’s with ‘Escape from Zoo’ on Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership while their Pets label showed the breadth of Polish dance talent.

House and techno at heart, they’ve not been averse to dropping Roska’s ‘Squark’ at Panorama Bar. Their podcast covers this eclectic taste, with everything from cult German electro act Dopplereffect to their own deep house edit of Rip Groove alongside Soul Clap. Very tasty and just a little bit dangerous.

DJ Weekly 23: Catz 'N Dogz by djmag

1. Intro
2. Aldubb - Let There be Dub
3. Clapz II Dogz – Untitled
4. Death on The Balcony - Emmanuelles Party Bucket
5. Roman IV – Lucy
6. Snuff Groove - Give your body to the night
7. Bozzwell - Space Racer
8. Chriss Ronson – Karvia
9. KRL - Machine Code
10. Roman Flugel vs. Panash (Catz 'n Dogz Edit)
11. No regular play - Walking (Shaun Reeves remix)
12. Subb-An - What I Do
13. Gavin Herlihy - Rhythm Lover
14. Summer Madness (Catz 'n Dogz Edit)
15. J.Phlip & Bashmore - Aquarium
16. 3 Channels - I Can Understand
17. Dopplereffect - Porno Actress