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Driving Forces

Driving Forces

The Promoters behind the dancefloors

What’s the secret to putting on a good party?
“Authenticity. Just being honest about what you’re doing. People are paying with passion so they want something real. You need good programming too. Sometimes promoters are really lazy and they’ll just pick big names that don’t go together.”

Fuse is a Sunday daytime party. What are the benefits of promoting on a Sunday?
“Saturday night you’ve got people who feel compelled to be out — you open yourself up to people who don’t get it. On a Sunday the right people will seek you out. It’s about the music.”

Best piece of advice you’d give to a new promoter?
“Be realistic. If you have a 500 capacity venue, don’t think, ‘I’m going to get 500 people’ — be realistic about what you think you can honestly achieve, and don’t include friends in that number.”

What’s the most useful promotional tool at your disposal?
“Word of mouth. It’s honest. People will always believe a friend more than a poster, or even — with all due respect — a magazine. If a friend says, ‘I went there, it was wicked... come’, you go.”

What is the music policy at Fuse?
“Deep groove-based, rolling house music. It’s the closest thing to that Mannheim sound in London. Our fans call it Fusic. It’s a movement.”

How would you describe Fuse in one sentence?
“If you’re in there, you’re feeling it.”

Fuse is on every Sunday from 11am to 10.30pm at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London