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DVJ Ivories

DVJ Ivories

A modern-day Liberace might bag himself one of these...

Check out this rather bling contraption - the Baby Grand Master (BGM). Its creator, Gardner Post, has a lot to answer for!

After a double take it's pretty obvious what we're looking at here. The BGM is like a bastardized Grand Piano with its keys and strings removed. In place, Gardner has shoehorned in a range of massive speaker drivers and a load of DVJ gear.

So what's the point? We're trying to figure that out ourselves - perhaps it's aimed at another dimension where Elton John is a super-rich VJ looking for the ultimate deck stand.

It may not be Elton John, but you can catch Miami's DJ Tom LaRoc and the UK's AV troupe eXceeda delivering an AV experience from the BGM at this year's Big Chill festival Big Chill festival, on 3rd – 5th August, at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire.

Apparently, the BGM has been six years in the making and we suspect much of that was figuring out how to stop the giant subs from skipping the DVDs. With this amount of low-end, even Pioneer would have trouble anti-skipping such an onslaught.

As for the rest of the gear, there's an 1100W amp built in, and for playback it has a pair of Pioneer DVJ-X1 decks. Mixing duties have been entrusted to Allen & Heath's Xone:92 DJ and the Edirol V-4 video mixer.

Gardner is undoubtedly up for customizing the design to fit customer's requests. Extroverts making a purchase will be given the option to pimp their piano with neon lighting, hydraulic legs and lids, a spinning plinth, smoke machines and, yes… a laser beam!

Post claims: "The Baby Grand Master is the Rolls Royce of video performance instruments." Of course it is. There's no advertised price, but needless to say it'll cost a fortune. Yours if you have nothing better to do with your money…


PRICE If you have to ask…


CONTACT babygrandmaster.com

TECH (if there's space)

• Dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD players

• Edirol V-4 video mixer

• 3 Marshal LCD monitors

• Slot loading assembly

• Allen & Heath Xone 92 audio mixer

• Dual 15" subwoofers

• 18" subwoofer

• 12" subwoofer

• 3 bullet tweeters

• AB 1100 Watt power amplifier