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Fabric Tests Xone:3D

Fabric Tests Xone:3D

DJmag.com caught up with Fabric's main sound technician Sanjeev Bhardwaj to discuss how the award-winning club is using Allen & Heath's Xone:3D.

Sanjeev Bhardwaj is Fabric's main sound technician and he kindly hosted our Allen & Heath Xone:3D testing session with Ralph Lawson in Room One of the club.

He's a keen digital DJ himself playing at various nights including occasional spots at Fabric's own events.

He's currently testing the mixer for his own fun at home, playing with Traktor 3 and Ableton Live, and he's already made up his mind on how the new 3D fits into Fabric's arsenal of DJ gear.

"We've not used it in the club yet," explains Sanjeev. "It's brand new isn't it, so the only people really going to be using it are Ralph Lawson, Chris Liebling and those guys who've got hold of early models.

It's a very specialised mixer.

"It's for the DJs that are advanced enough to use it.

"When I saw Ralph on it I was shocked.

"I was like 'fucking hell, go on Ralphy boy!'

"You could tell he had a few weeks playing on it."

Launch Party

Sanjeev's keen to get some of Fabric's regular DJs onto the new format, and has already invited a few DJs down to the launch party on the 28th June 2006.

"A few guys use Ableton and Traktor. Hopefully I can get a couple of them who'll be interested in using it.

"Phil Pure Science could be up for it."

Though he's really keen on the new technology, Sanjeev doesn't think the 3D will be taking over Fabric's booth anytime soon.

"Because it's only got four channels on it, that's not really enough to be in the booth the whole time," continues Sanjeev.

"You could return an extra two channels on the 3D's FX returns, but it's not crossfader assignable and there's no EQ on them.

"It's not going to be easy to install, for the simple reason you have a headphone socket on the front.

"It's just one of those things, but we're going to mod ours, obviously, otherwise we can't put it in room one because of the wood; we can't sink it in.

"We'll only put it in as and when required by DJs, which is what it's made for.

"No muppet's going to be able to use it straight away, they're gonna need to play with it first."

Latest Gear

The guys at Fabric really spoil their DJs with all the latest gear.

It's almost like a pushy mum trying to get their kids to do play the violin.

"We love the Xone:92 because it's got six channels on it," urges Sanjeev.

"So we can add in devices. We've got three brand-new SoundBITE XL looping samplers now.

"There's gonna be one in each room! They're going to be there permanently, I'm just trying to work out how to bolt them in.

"They're the easiest on the fly loop machine to use and with the filter effect on it as well, it is a great tool.

"If your record is running out, you can loop it. Simple as that"


Generally speaking Sanjeev was really impressed with the mixer.

"The sound on it is fat, the soundcard is really hot.

"There's plenty of channels there for the outputs.

"If it had the same amount of inputs as the Xone:92 it would be unbelievable."