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Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Litestructures' new LiteConsole DJ booth is strong, portable and easy to put together. Is it the ultimate DJ tour solution?

The DJ's life isn't just about flashy new bits of gear and the latest killer tunes. There are some root level bits of kit that often get overlooked and, at worst, are not even catered for. The humble DJ booth, box, console, call it what you like — to some just a table with a piece of wood on the top, to others a piece of hi-tech wizardry that could resemble the control console in Doctor Who's Tardis — is a rather essential component of any club or DJ's set-up.

Litestructures, a UK-based company, have been supplying custom made staging units to acts all over the world for many years and have now devised a rather nifty flat pack solution for the DJ arena in the shape of the LiteConsole. And when I say flat pack, it doesn't mean cheap MDF crap or stuff that can be found at MFI or other types of DIY stores. This is the all singing, all dancing behemoth of portable, quick install DJ booths.

LiteConsoles are available in a much more practical, modular format that makes them easy to assemble and install. Many of you may have seen pictures of a certain Paul Oakenfold spinning behind his custom LiteConsole rig on the recent Madonna tour, but it doesn't stop there. Litestructures have supplied custom staging and rigs for the likes of Scissor Sisters, Basement Jaxx, Prodigy, Massive Attack, Faithless and have even recently supplied Lady Gaga with her very own unique stage set up for her Monster Ball Tour. Now clubs and DJs from all walks of life can get in on the act with the new LiteConsole DJ booth.

The completed console looks like quite a complex piece to set-up but oh no, that would be an over exaggeration as with two people this unit can be put together in about five to ten minutes. And, if you're putting it up on your own, it still won't prove too demanding. The beauty of the system is that it is designed to be simple and quick to set up, and that it certainly is.

Like a mini scaffolding rig made from aluminium, whilst sturdy, the parts that combine to make it up are quite light — another bonus for the travelling or mobile DJ — so no back strain lugging this thing around.

Set up is taken care of in a few quick easy steps. The console comprises fourteen separate parts, two solid truss end supports, three shelves, an upper fascia panel and eight connecting poles. There is also a space for a 50” plasma screen, LEDs or a customised faceplate with your DJing or club name emblazoned or laser cut onto it. Various finishes are also available for the upper and lower fascia panels. There is an optional centre section that can be used as a mid point fixing to allow two or more modules to be attached together to make a bigger console, if so required. All these pieces are connected by a very simple pin and hole — the poles all have holes at both ends, so that the user can attach them onto the holding joints welded onto the two end trusses that have a pin push mechanism which, once in place, hold the poles on tight. No screwing or wrenching is needed to hold the parts together.

As with all good DIY projects we thought it would be far easier to explain how to put it all together with our very own DJmag Bob the Builder's guide to assembly.

Step One
Grab one of the end pieces of the console that looks like a massive surgical appliance and attach the eight connecting poles, as seen in the picture.

Once this has been done grab the other end piece of the console and attach to the other end of the poles. Once secured, this makes up the skeleton of the rig.

Step Two
Now place the lower shelf into the rig. This is achieved by plonking it on top of the bottom poles. Repeat this step with the upper shelf where the decks and mixer, laptops or other bits of kit would go. Over the top of this goes the slanting shelf.

All these shelves simply sit on top of the poles with no additional fixing. Whilst this sounds precarious, they are remarkably sturdy, there is no fear that they will fall off with all your precious gear left smashed on the floor.

Step Three
Attaching either the custom detailed faceplate or a plasma screen is another simple operation. Either can be hooked onto the interior poles that lie horizontal inside the console, a procedure that shouldn't take too long to complete at all.

The eight poles are strategically placed to allow all the elements to be hooked up to the skeleton without the need for the use of an Allen key or screwdriver. Genius, and this also gives the structure its rigid support.

Once everything is in place, that's it. The console is assembled and ready for action. Packing it away is simply the reverse of what was done to set it up and takes no time at all. The console can be used as a permanent install in a club or can be used as the secondary booth, especially if there is a staging area in the club so that the headline DJ can take centre stage. And, for the flash mobile jocks that want an extra dose of va-va-voom, this bit of kit will never fail to impress, especially if coupled with a plasma screen.

Lighting can be rigged up to the console, and in fact, whatever the DJ or club want to add to the console can be done with the minimum of fuss.

Whilst it can be packed up into a rather small space, once assembled, it is tough as old boots, and can even take the weight of a DJ jumping up and down on it, as proven at a recent Eddie Halliwell gig in Los Angeles.


Price   £1249.00
Build Quality
Ease of Use   8.0
Features   n/a
Value for Money   7.0
Sound Quality   n/a
Hype   The LiteConsole is light, portable and quick and easy to set up in a short space of time.
Gripe   The metallic scaffold look may not be to everyone's taste.
Conclusion   The LiteConsole is a great piece of DJ utility kit that often gets overlooked. With its simplistic approach in regards to set up and installation this should prove a big plus point to anyone in the market for a portable DJ booth as used by many a top name act. It is obvious that strength and quality are high on the LiteConsole agenda.
Overall Score   8/10