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Tartelet Records presents Max Graef and his 'Am Fenster EP'

One technically adroit young lad causing a blip on our radar in recent days is a name you'll want to retain in your hippocampus for longer than a fleeting moment. At the tender age of 19, Max Graef's mature approach to sound is attracting an extensive audience of all ages, indicating a career with a lot of potential. Lend an ear to just one of his latest master works forthcoming on Tartelet Records and you'll understand why.

Executing tracks with knowledge beyond his years, Graef extracts sounds and interprets his most favorable elements of house, hip-hop, garage, jazz and disco. Resurrecting original sounds lost in the woodwork over time in their truest form and giving them a new lease of life.

'Am Fenster EP' Reeks of originality, style and creative flair. The title track 'Am Fenster' demonstrates a catalogue of contrasting sounds in a complimentary fashion. The sultry Motown Diana Ross-esque vocal sits comfortably amongst fuzzy jazz melody's and acid riffs. Crisp jazz percussion complete with a 'hand-clap' sample form the basis of the beat.

Fancy it more Nu-skool? Well then, 'Pink Panther' is probably your ticket. Preaching gospel house through a loop of rolling crescendos and diminuendos; a whirlwind of rhythm and soul to get swept up in.

The last track's something really special. 'Wrrack' embodies vintage samples of which many producers tend to eradicate in the lab these days e.g. vinyl static and tape rewinds. Sounds that evoke nostalgia and are aesthetically pleasing.

This certified protege is of the already effervescent collective of young producers emerging from Berlin at the moment and already has his own imprint 'Box Aus Holz', definitely one to watch in 2013.

His debut album is set to land later this year but in the mean time here's a cheeky remix of 'Am Fenster' to wet your whistles.