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The German duo share their touring essentials...

You may have witnessed a therapy session (or two) with Above & Beyond during one of their next level performances, but electronica newcomers Tube & Berger are taking the live music experience to a whole new level with their latest compilation ‘Deeper Sessions.’


Just dropped on Armada, the esoterically techno charged collection will go on the road when the duo treks across the US starting tomorrow, December 10, with pit stops in D.C., Miami, New York and Los Angeles and more.


Luckily DJ Mag USA didn’t get just a sad slice of cheese when we sat down with Tube & Berger recently, but rather a huge plate of deep dish about their tour essentials and buzz kills. Read below to get a huge helping of the hippie house insider details. 


DJ Mag: Three essential tour items you don’t leave home without?

Tube & Berger: Sunglasses, phones and a good book.


Three tracks you’re most looking to dropping?

‘Greyjoy’ by Tube & Berger vs. P.A.C.O., ‘If’ by Few Nolder, and a super secret bootleg you can ONLY hear at our gigs.


We love it at a show when...

People party hard and can't get enough.


We hate it at a show when…

The equipment doesn't work like it should.


Choice of on tour refreshment?

Water (sometimes mixed with vodka).


Party into the night or back to the hotel?

Depends on a few factors. People, our moods, enough sleep the night before…


When we're at the airport we will always…

Be late and in a hurry.


Most memorable tour experience?

Missing a connection flight and...


What one thing would you love on your rider but are too afraid/polite to ask for?

We wanna eat in the same restaurants like Dubfire. He knows the best spots in the world.


'Deeper Sessions' US TOUR dates:

Wednesday 10 December - UStreet Hall, Washington DC

Thursday 11 December - Treehouse, Miami 

Friday 12 December - Castle, Illinois 

Saturday 13 December - Cielo, New York 

Thursday 14 December - Sound, Los Angeles

Tuesday 16 December - Focus, OC

Wednesday 17 December - Fortune Of War, Vancouver

Friday 19 December - AUDIO, San Francisco 

Saturday 20 December - Bang Bang, San Diego  


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Words: Jessica Wunsch