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Gotta Be Big: Matt Styles

Gotta Be Big: Matt Styles

Crosstown Rebels' Matthew Styles is this month's pick for deck stardom. He's done an exclusive mix for DJmag, check it out here!


Matt Styles DJmag mix

"I'm just in the airport, about to fly off to Berlin for the weekend," says Matt Styles, label manager of Damian Lazarus' super-cool Crosstown Rebels.

Matt might be DJmag's pick for deck stardom this month, but it sounds like he's already made it – tonight he's
DJing at Watergate, one of Berlin's
top nightspots.

"I'm playing with Damian and Sacha Funke, but we're going to hang around all weekend and check out Ricardo Villalobos play on Sunday at Panorama Bar.

"It's going to be quite messy, no doubt."

Matt Styles runs Crosstown Rebels, and his club night 'Dig Your Own Rave' at the Tea Bar in London's Shoreditch is currently one of the best nights out in the capital.

Twisted house, techno, and electro fill most of his sets, and his new mix comp 'Get Lost' was so good, DJmag asked Matt to do an exclusive DJ mix just for us!


Matt guides us through his mix, track-by-track...

1. SMBP 'Stars Falling' (CityMobb Music 02)

It starts off quite atmospheric, which made it a great start to the mix

Matt Styles, Crosstown Rebels

Matt Styles: "CityMobb is one of my favourite labels, and this tune is quite edgy. It starts off quite atmospheric, which made it a great start to the mix."

2. Neptune Nevermind 'To Be Inside 3' (Planet East)

"This is quite soulful, despite it being quite minimal. I come from a house background, so I'm always looking for the soul in techno."

3. Ricardo Villalobos 'Que Belle Epouque 2006' (Frisbee)

"This is a great track, that works well for home listening, or in a club. It's very dynamic, and effective, but I only played about 30 secs of it!"

4. Dapayk Solo 'Close Your Eyes' (Friends Of Tommorow)

Dapayk has some interesting ideas, and always has some great sleazy vocals. He's definitely going to be big this year, mark my words!"

5. Enik 'Why Do You Love Me' (Matias Aguayo Remix) (Wonder Records)

"This tune completely blew me away. The whole of Enik's EP is amazing – he makes a kind of a disco/minimal sound - a new genre, haha!"

6. Shyza Minelli 'To All The Boys I Have Loved Before' (Sub Static 55)

"I've bought every one of Sub Static's releases. It sounds very European, but the label is actually based in Ireland. This track has a warm, tropical sound. Lush."

7. Add Noise 'Re-Surface' (Earsugar Beatbox)

"This has a great breakdown, with just the sound of a woman breathing heavily for ages. Quite random, and it's got lots of energy."

8. Dialogue 'Cinch Your Body' (Stattmusik)

"This is one of the biggest records of the Spring. It's got wicked programming, where they just loop loads of percussion and drums. Very trippy."

9. Raudrive 'Turn It Up' (Klang)

"A good tune, and a wicked label. Klang is always streets ahead of the rest."

10. Sunday Music 01 'Jimmies' (Henrick Schwartz 2006 Remix) (Sunday Music)

"Here's an interesting story – the producers of this track recorded it live, in one take. It was a band jam session, and it sounds great."

11. Adonis 'Images' (Mathematics)

"This is very Detroit, deep, soulful, and melancholic."

12. Miss Dinky 'Fando' (Carpark Records)

"A very chilled track, and a great tune to finish a mix. I really like the melody in this."