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A handy USB Hub and a cool way to protect your Digital DJing accessories, this is the new UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase...

The advent of laptop DJing brought a massive smile to the faces of travel-weary DJs who have spent a large portion of their lives lugging around massively heavy record boxes, dodging checked-in baggage and often struggling to find room in overhead lockers for their barely legal record bags. While the weight of most DJs' bags has gone down massively (along with the trips to the chiropractor), the reality of modern DJing is that the records have been replaced with a plethora of other equipment such as laptops, hard-drives, cables and soundcards. 

The downside to the technological revolution in DJing is that if something vital like a hard-drive is dropped, the show could be over before it even starts — unlike records, where the worst likely incident involves dropping a single twelve-inch that might break. So it makes sense for DJs to protect their equipment in the proper way.
This is where UDG's Creator DIGI Hardcase steps up to the fray. It's designed to keep mix-meisters' most valuable equipment out of harm's way and to provide a 'get out of jail card' for times when this vital equipment is sent crashing to the floor by clumsy 'booth flies' — or more often than not, distracted and/or inebriated DJs.

Unless you're brand new to the world of professional DJing, UDG is a name that will be instantly familiar. Countless DJs have come to rely on the great quality luggage this company has been producing for as long as this world-weary DJ and humble DJ Mag writer can remember. The reason for this enviable reputation is a combination of long-lasting products, stylish design and managing to meet the needs of working DJs exactly right. The Creator DIGI Hardcase is no exception to the UDG rule. The design is minimal, functional and slick, the quality is excellent and the practicality factor is fantastic, with secured sections for pretty much all of the accessories today's travelling digital DJ requires — except their laptop and headphones.

The Creator Pack DIGI is oozing with great features and top quality components such as high quality zips, hard corners, an inner lining and reinforced sides. There are plenty of sections inside for storing everything today's digital DJ needs on the road including laptop power supplies, cables, hard disks, USB sticks and cartridges for DVS DJs. Each section has strong elastic-securing straps that will easily stand the test of time, and there is even a flap section designed to hold the included seven port ultra-slim aluminium hub, which is powered and comes with four interchangeable international plug adapters.

The flap section is rather clever because it allows DJs to wire up all of their devices inside the case, with only a single USB cable needing to be run to a laptop to make setting up before a gig incredibly quick and easy. Other features, like a quality riveted rubber-carrying handle for comfort and durability and internal mesh bag, round off this rather impressive carry case.

While the loss of a USB controller or audio interface is always painful, these items are easy to replace with a click of the mouse or a visit to a store. The loss or damage to a hard drive or USB stick full of music, playlists and cue points can be devastating, so it makes a whole lot of sense to make sure this precious data is well protected while in transit. It's also worth mentioning that any storage device that leaves the house should be backed up prior to leaving. This is to ensure that loss or theft doesn’t mean a huge amount of pain and heartache that could easily be prevented with an hour or so of backing up.

The USG Creator DIGI is a nice product to have and will suit professional DJs more than those who are really counting the pennies. Arguably, the same job can be done by pockets in a DJ's kit-bag or even a plastic shopping bag filled with bubble-wrap, but the protection level is far better with the UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase — as is the convenience level. DJs will look far cooler and a whole lot more professional with this piece of luggage compared with whipping out a Tesco bag in front of a large crowd and the all-too-often judgemental DJ lurking around a club's DJ booth.

Let's face it, everyone wants to look and feel their best when they unpack their gear, and the Creator DIGI is also a great gift idea for parents and loved ones who are struggling to find a gift idea around birthdays and Christmas for a friendly neighbourhood DJ. Our advice to those on a tight budget is to start dropping heavy hints now, so Santa has time to get his present list in order.



A hard case for all of the important bits and pieces that today's digital DJs need on the road, including a handy USB Hub.

While this hard case is brilliant at its job, this is clearly a nice-to-have item rather than an absolute necessity.

UDG have designed the Creator DIGI to meet the needs of DJs who spend their life on the road and want a convenient and safe way to transport their hard drives, USB sticks, cables and power adapters.