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Here, we outline some of the best beaches in Ibiza...

Aguas Blancas

Ibiza’s famous liberal spirit is well-represented on Aguas Blancas, a nudist beach that’s also rightly revered as being one of the island’s most idyllic beauty spots. With a name that translates into English as “White Waters”, that should perhaps come as no surprise. Surrounded by high cliffs and with soft, golden sand its key characteristic, it’s also rarely crowded and the antithesis of the resort’s often jam-packed alternatives.


A long-time favourite of the island’s hippy community, Benirras is a relatively secluded beach that offers up an almost unparalleled sun-soaked experience. The hippies' drumming sessions are spontaneous and sporadic (but well worth catching), and Ibiza’s true spirit comes to life here amongst a chorus of bongos, beats and fire dancers.

Cala Llenya

The more adventurous among you would do well to check Cala Llenya, a beach that’s become legendary amongst adrenaline seekers thanks to its many water-sport offerings. The tide here is gentle and the waters are shallow, making it an ideal family destination too.


The most northern point of the island is also home to one of its most celebrated beaches, Portinax. Take your pick from three ‘mini beaches’ here, including S’Arenal Gros, S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto Beach. All three offer stunning views and shallow waters, and there are several neighbouring shops and bars here that are worth discovering too.

Cala San Vincente

Cala San Vincente is among the widest of the North’s beaches, meaning it rarely fills up, even during peak season. Mind you, there’s still plenty of beauty to be found — not least in the shape of its pretty promenades and idyllic views. A busy beach it may be, but it’s also one with a character that’s very much its own.

Sa Calente

The South’s choicest destination for locals and in-the-know visitors alike, Sa Calente is far from the island’s most popular beaches, although regular visitors would doubtless not want it any other way. With stunning red cliffs flanking either side of the beach, the key word here is undoubtedly ‘relaxation’.

Playa d’en Bossa

One of Ibiza’s most notorious beaches (and indeed one of its longest), PDB is also one of its most cosmopolitan. An enclave for the hedonists (you’ll find Bora Bora here), it’s also a place of vast contrasts — as you’ll note should you venture away from the Ibiza town side in the direction of Salinas.

Es Cavallet

Popular with the island’s thriving gay scene, Es Cavallet is another nudist beach that’s as likely to feature raucous parties as it is peace and tranquillity. The atmosphere here — as befitting its open-minded ethos — is both enthusiastic and relaxed, while the beach itself is beautifully picturesque; a fact attributable to its many surrounding sand dunes and crashing waves.

Cala Jondal

Home to the infamous Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal is the beach to go to should you want to be seen and (should you be in a position to do so) flaunt your wealth. As such, it’s become something of a hangout for celebrities and boat owners alike — although don’t let this put you off; it’s not nearly as crass or as tasteless as you might imagine.

Las Salinas

Salinas is the archetypal Ibizan beach: it’s unspoilt, it’s suitably long and it has a soundtrack to die for — not least due to the likes of DJs such as Jon sa Trinxa, a man who continues to lure the punters with his gentle concoction of deep grooves and Balearic vibes. Be sure to take a walk towards the tower on the left hand side of the beach too — believe us, you’ll thank us for it.

Cala Bassa 

For all that San Antonio has to offer, it’s fair to say that it’s lacking any truly great beach. Thankfully, the beach at Cala Bassa is within easy reach of the bay, either by boat, car or bus. Once there, you’ll be greeted by a large curve of white sand, with ample spots for cliff-jumping and sunbathing alike. Water-sport activities find a home here too, although do bear in mind that this beach is more suited to the family than it is the Easyjet set. 


Cala Conta

A pristine beach that offers up suitably awe-inspiring views, this is the place to come to for those of you searching for an alternative to the sunset strip. The most western tip of the island, it also features a plethora of intriguing coves, while numerous excellent seafood restaurants lie nearby.

Cala d’Hort

It’s on Cala d’Hort where you’ll find even more stunning views, this time of Es Vedra; the mysterious rock that many claim was the inspiration for the Sirens episode in Homer’s Odyssey. The beach itself is only accessible by car (and a steep walk awaits the visitor), although upon reaching it you’re sure to become entranced by its many serene qualities.

Punta Galera

Adrenaline junkies will love Punta Galera. By no means a conventional beach, it’s not easy to access and is more a selection of sharp, jagged rocks then it is a place of sand and palpable beauty. Its steep cliffs and deep waters, however, mark it out as another perfect destination for cliff jumpers and snorkelers alike.

Cala Vedella

A beach that’s worth fully exploring, Cala Vedella is bordered by pine-clad hills and an attractive resort town. Rarely rammed, it’s ideal for families and those seeking chilled-out bliss alike, while its sunsets are among the most romantic the island has to offer. Like Cala Bassa, it’s also within fairly close proximity to San Antonio, and provides the perfect respite from the more unreserved side of the island.