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Masked turntablist re-makes hip-hop album from the vaults

Jaguar Skills has been talking to DJ Mag about his latest project — the ''90s Hip-Hop Revisited' album. With this project, Jag Skills spent a couple of weeks rooting around the vaults of Nervous Records in New York, the legendary house and hip-hop label.

“It was amazing just to be given the parts to these records,” Jags told DJ Mag. “And they said, 'You can make anything out of anything'. I always wanted to make a '90s hip-hop album.”

The masked marauder spent two weeks in the Nervous vaults in New York, going through dusty old tapes, before spending weeks in his studio inbetween gigs reconstructing tracks. The lead track, 'Big Up New York', was actually made using a KRS-One vocal previously unheard by anybody outside of the studio session when it was originally recorded. Jags will be playing a launch party for the album in New York with KRS-One in April.

Jaguar Skills shot to notoriety off the back of wicked mash-up mixes he started doing for BBC Radio 1. Masking up for gigs, he now sells out 3000-capacity gigs everywhere and has just come off tour with The Prodigy. Read a full interview with the man in the next issue of DJ Mag.

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