Dannic's second Jockey Journal from the Revealed Bus Tour with Hardwell & Dyro

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If you missed Hardwell's first  or second entry, prior journal entries from Dannic or Dyro then go back, catch up and continue onward with more musings from Dannic's latest Jockey Journal, below:

04/18/2014           Sands Event Center                      Bethlehem, PA

"We were all feeling the burn a bit as we rolled into Bethlehem. We weren’t following a star and we saw no shepherds and, it would take a big stretch of the imagination for anyone to confuse Dyro, Hardwell and myself as the 3 wise men, yet here we were! 

After spending this much time with each other we already know each other’s immediate needs when we get off the bus. First on the list is to get some food as quickly as possible. After a quick debate about where to go, (Hardwell pushing for Sushi and Dyro for Pizza, I won everybody around by suggesting Steak, again, just can't beat it in the US) we headed off to find somewhere to grab something to eat. I have always loved the idea of exploring new places and meeting new people and I am lucky enough to see the world as part of what I do. So going off to find a good steak restaurant meant we got to check out Bethlehem, the promoter had given us some tips as to what to hit up so off we headed towards the downtown area.

Now if you have ever travelled in the US (and even if you haven’t thanks to shows like Man V's Food) you know what sizes portions they have in the US. We ordered and were delivered some of the biggest Porter House steaks I have ever seen! Quite possibly the best steak I have ever eaten.

Having caught a quick disco nap after the sound check we were ready to go once again. I have a pretty set pre-show routine nothing special but it is important to feel relaxed. First up: interviews! At tonight’s show we were speaking with DJ Mag who are the media partners for the whole bus tour. We all did a few interviews around this time and some pieces to camera. Being interviewed on camera is something I am getting more comfortable with but no matter how many times you hear yourself back on film it always sounds different to how you imagine yourself to sound.

With press out the way I had 30 minutes to chill before I hit the booth. I like to spend this time to quietly, run through my set through in my head and take it all in before it starts to get crazy. The show was epic and we all smashed the hell out of it. I love joining up with Hardwell and Dyro on the road because it’s like hanging with brothers and we get some much inspiration to write music and change ideas around in our sets.

The buzz around the tour so far has been phenomenal and the hype on our socials too has been really cool. It's been a mad cap adventure with the guys and I'm really looking forward to the final show...just can't believe it's nearly over! Loved it!! 

Dannic :)”

Photo Credit: Joep van Aert