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Keep it Decent

Since the release of his debut album 'Florida' in the Autumn of 2004, Wes Pentz aka Diplo has been plucked from obscurity and is now a force to be reckoned with across the world.

The American DJ and producer can pin his success on his tireless unearthing of new dance trends and the creation of his own label Mad Decent, not to mention his always impressive DJ sets. As a result, some of the biggest acts around are knocking on his door as he becomes a leading name in production and remix work.

If you wondered what Diplo had been up to for the past 4 years, 'Decent Work For Decent Pay' provides the perfect overview. Production work on huge records such as M.I.A's 'Paper Planes' and Kano's 'Reload It' are added to classic tracks taken from 'Florida', and a host of remixes for the likes of CSS, Spank Rock, Bloc Party, Hot Chip, Black Lips and Peter, Bjorn & John should indicate that 'Decent Work For Decent Pay' will get your party started.

Also included on the finished version will be a data file of mp3s including the individual tunes recorded for the 'Diplo Rhythm', the Johnny Blaze remix of 'Way More', the video for 'Percao' and Diplo's remix of Spoon's 'Don't You Evah'.