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Legend performs alongside WISIN Y YANDEL at the Latin Grammy Awards

Andrew Moore aka KRYOMAN is well-versed in the art of amping up a rave. If you have ever caught his performance before and decided to be 'that person standing in the front of the crowd' chances are, you will probably never invest in an average blow-dryer again. The London-based, Miami-bred half man, half robot legend has gained an international following for his lazer-driven, cryogun fog-blasting shows. Basically, if you're watching Carl Cox at Space, this dude and his homies pull a Daft Punk, pimp out in robot suits and blow 50ft of fog into your face giving your hair that permanenent sexy pushback you've always longed for.

Moore brought that feat in the form of his iconic HEX3D show to the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards alongside Puerto Rican reggaetron duo WISIN Y YANDEL. He has also been cooking up some new material on the production front, teasing a preview of his latest remix collaboration with Corporate Slackers for Yellowclaw's "Legends". Kryoman and Corporate Slackrs funnel out an agressive hard-hitting trap spin to the track, which you can preview below.

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