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Less Is More

Less Is More

A whole bunch of random predictions and trend busting insights.

COLOUR OF THE MONTH... Tis Aubergine my dears. OK, call it deep purple if you will. It's as dark as dark can be and bodes well for the chilly months and cold winter nights. Think of mixing it up with charcoal grey for the all-time classic look that's both understated and cool.

GREAT FEET... Evisu never fail to impress with their sleek footwear and ultra wearable shoes. We've had a little dilemma over which ones we like the best, but finally settled on these little black beauties. Very buff.

THE TONIC... Vitamin Water does exactly as it says on the packet. It's a hydration solution for people on the go. Coming in six different formulas, Glaceau Vitaminwater is probably the drink du jour.

FINGER FUN... Our mums are always right. With their constant badgering to wrap up warm comes the knowledge that a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf are all you need to really keep as toasty as a, well, piece of toast. Folk do some nice bits at oki-ni.com.

TRACKIE JACKET... Once again Kswiss apparel had our toes curling up in delight. Their Mixed Track top is a jersey and lightweight perforated nylon combo that cuts a neat purchase at '65, available from Harrods and Microzine. Stockists 01458 449333

CHECK ONE... One of the absolute musts to go with your chosen attire is always going to be the belt. A simple accessory that never dates and always strikes a good look. Vans rock a rather tasty checkered one, coming in black and yellow this season.

ROB THE BANK... News that Rick Owens is to open a store in London's Mayfair has spun us into a whirl of confusion. How the devil heck are we going to afford to eat, when we will clearly have spent all our hard earned at his gaff.