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Less Is More

Less Is More

Clap your eyes together for the Levis phone, bikers rock, tweed and more...

HOW TWEED… Yes siree folks… Whilst we're out there snooping for fashion leanings and tempting trends - we couldn't help but notice that tweed and checks are going to be very prominent this winter. How very dapper!

HOLD UPS… Like stockings only they stay up on their own – you know the ones. A great look with very short shorts, but when oh when are they going to make them in different colours. It's very annoying when demand is not met. Grrrrr.

BIKERS ROCK… Modern Amusement have a super cool range of clobber that includes amongst the range a tasty tee with a fierce bike on it, worn with granddad cardi, pipes and pumps. We approve.

WHITEY… It could be something to do with the early desire to go skiing, but we say that white lips (especially on guys!) is a very nice look indeed.

VELCRO… You might not think it but velcroed sneakers are giving us cause for concern… in a good way! We rather like their ease and we especially like the sound they make. Crunchy.

LEVIS PHONE… Oh no, it's happening again! The phone envy bug has bitten us on the bum and we're now itching to get a Levis portable. Look how snug it'll fit into your denims! http://www.Eu.levi.com/mobile