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NI Traktor Scratch and Certified Mixers

NI Traktor Scratch and Certified Mixers

Traktor Top Trumps

NI's new digital vinyl system, Traktor Scratch will be available without the Audio 8 DJ soundcard in June at the cheaper £205.

Taking its place, NI are enabling the software to work with certified DJ mixers which have an integrated computer soundcard – possibly trumping the Rane Serato Live system for mixer integration.

NI have already tested and certified the Mackie d.2Pro and d.4Pro, the Korg Zero mixers and others are in the pipeline giving more choice.

It'll mean rocking up to any club with an appropriate mixer and setting up in seconds by plugging in one USB cable for audio, Midi and CD/vinyl scratch control.

Another quality control idea from NI comes in the form of Traktor Ready Midi controllers and loads of kit coming with Traktor 3 LE included and pre-configured.

NI are also ensuring compatibility between their Traktor 3 DJ software and a number of hardware Midi controllers.

Anything on sale from now on, labelled Traktor Ready is guaranteed to work. Configuration files for Traktor 3 will also be available, allowing users to get started immediately.

DJ controllers that also carry the label "Traktor 3 LE Included" go one step further. They also include a copy of Traktor 3 LE that is preconfigured for instant plug-and-play performance.

Traktor LE can be upgraded to the fully-featured Traktor 3 at a special price of around £62 from the online shop at