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Is 'Pushing On' heading for the UK's No.1 spot?

'Pushing On' by Oliver $ (pronounced 'Oliver Dollar') and Jimi Jules is one of the tunes of the summer — and it's now being readied for a full release. Defected, the track's original label, have joined forces with Ministry Of Sound to give it a push towards the top of the charts.

And the video has just been unveiled. Watch it here:

Showing the dance moves of a black kid throughout several stages of his life, the video takes the sample that the tune uses — taken from a line sung by Alice Russell on a Quantic Soul Orchestra tune, and pitched down to make her sound like an old blues guy — as its starting point.

Shot on location in Los Angeles, director Ian Robertson explains the concept:

“I wanted to create a simple film chronicling the birth, life and death of one man spending a lifetime dancing on the spot. This idea was inspired by the vocal sample in the track; it’s so soulful and made me think of New Orleans, the home of jazz. 

“During my research I discovered Dancing Man 504, a man who dances wildly in the street with his umbrella come rain or shine. He has become a tourist attraction in himself. I thought, he'll probably still be dancing on the streets of New Orleans in 30 years time, and this is where the idea came from. Notice the number on the post-box in the video - 504!”

Robertson continued: “We ended up shooting in the desert just outside of LA. The brutal 39°C heat never phased our tireless cast and crew and it was worth enduring for the dramatic desert wind and impressive vista; the perfect backdrop to a lifetime of grooving on the spot.”

'Pushing On' receives a full release at the end of August. Read DJ Mag's recent interview with Oliver $ here