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Pioneer Leads The Way

Pioneer Leads The Way

Digital DJs don't have much choice when it comes to MIDI-enabled mixers. That is until Pioneer announced its next generation of digital DJ mixers.

Top equipment manufacturer Pioneer has unveiled its hot new DJ mixers for 2006.

The DJM-400 and the DJM-800 both make use of Pioneer's significant digital technology and aim to serve the next generation of digital DJs.

The 400, a cute two-channel mixer, features a host of cool beat effects and an in-loop sampler.

The technology comes direct out of Pioneer's DJM-1000 innovative effects unit, the machine sponsored by self-confessed techno-addict DJ James Zabiela.

"We've created a high-quality compact two-channel mixer that's tailored to the demands of DJs mixing in bars and smaller clubs and those mobile artists who demand a reliable, robust and high-quality mixer," says Mark Grotefeld, European Marketing Manager for Pioneer Europe.

The DJM-800 could become the staple mixer for laptop DJs
Laptop DJs will be pleased to know that Pioneer's DJM-800 comes with 61 assignable MIDI control channels, designed specifically for Ableton Live and Traktor converts.

It also comes with what Pioneer are calling a 'landmark innovation' – a 'Harmonic Mixing' capability that detects the key of a track and then automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies created when adjusting the pitch.

It means seamless, and key-matched mixing:

"We're dedicated to finding new ways to improve the techniques available to DJs, and we've achieved it with the DJM-800," reckons Jason Pook, Pinoeer Europe's Product Planning Manager.

"It offers superlative digital performance, huge MIDI versatility and a new approach to harmonic mixing that replicates the way that DJs intuitively mix music.

"The innovation, combined with the unit's sonic purity and a range of supporting features will advance mixing techniques – it's the type of breakthrough that clubs, professional DJs and the emerging generation of artists expect from Pioneer."

A little birdy told DJmag that wizkid James Zabiela roadtested the DJM-800 in his Southampton home whilst it was still in development, and apparently he was 'blown away' by the technological capabilities.

Both mixers will be in the shops from April 2006.

DJmag will be testing the new kit for ourselves in a forthcoming issue of the mag.

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