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Pumping electro from Costello & BNR TRAX

After a triumphant release on BNR TRAX that was the start of a brilliant year for the label, Costello is back with the 'Taurus EP'. Building on the heavy metallic electro sound showcased in his first BNR EP, 'Taurus' is full guns blazing from the outset, and as with his last EP, Costello's use of tension and release is masterful. His shrewd control of energy making each track just as useful as a DJ tool as well as a stand alone track. 

'Azareiis' is the third track on the EP and finishes things with a bang, its raucous bassline pummelling listeners into submission before groove filled vocals finish the job. The EP is out now and you can grab it here. Listen below:

Photo - Sandro Lacopino