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We chat all tings RBMA with T Williams

Red Bull Music Academy has just wrapped up another successful season in New York. DJ Mag went along stateside to join up with some of the guys and gals in the second session to discuss all things musical and to soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the Big Apple.

Rinse FM's T Williams is currently flying high in the scene, one of the new breed of producers to follow in the footsteps of label mates Jessie Ware, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore we caught up with him after a few cocktails on a sunny New York morning to find out why he wanted to get onboard with Red Bull Music Academy...

What does the Red Bull Music Academy represent for you?

It’s the bringing together of fresh new talent, people that are of similar minds that are on a similar trajectory, putting us all in an environment that can breed good things, giving us the opportunity to meet you guys, get some attention brought on to us, its also inspiring us by giving us these amazing lectures and mentors

How is the vibe and atmosphere at RBMA?

It has been a sick experience. It's definitely been a great opportunity, the lectures are unreal Moroder, Francois K, Ritchie Hawtin even Bo1 Da all were really good all cool dudes. The vibe is super buzzy everyone wants to talk to everyone and mingle and get involved it’s a buzz.

And being in New York?

Yeah, New York is such a great city and it’s great that the Academy is here but to be honest I haven’t seen much of it though it’s literally from the hotel to the Academy, here all day for the sessions then after the lectures it’s straight up into the studios cracking on.

I’ve met at least three or four guys that I’ll definitely keep in contact with and hopefully in the future maybe work something out in the studio.

You’ve already established a name for yourself on the scene do you feel by attending RBMA you got the full experience out of it?

Maybe not the same as some of the other participants considering I am already signed to PMR and have already had music out in the past; however I still wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit down and have had a lecture from Giorgio Moroder in the UK! Even people I know in the UK who are fully established in the scene have been tweeting me, texting me they are so jealous cause you’re just getting to sit and talk with legends

What’s next for you after Red Bull Music Academy? 

After RBMA I am doing a mini intro tour of America I’ll be DJing at Detroit Movement, then I’ll be playing in Montreal and Miami, I’ve got a release coming up on PMR over the summer a four track EP, then just playing a load of festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival, Ibiza then back to New York in September

Your PMR label mates Jessie Ware, Disclosure, Julio Bashmore are all riding high do you think you’ve got a lot to live up to?

Its healthy, very healthy everyone wants to do well on the label I want to do well in my own way, the measurement of success isn’t by what they’ve done. I want to be successful in my own rights; everyone at the label wants me to be successful. Yeah definitely having that hub of people that have done well is good you’ve got Bashmore sitting around there’s a lot of success sitting there, it’s a good healthy environment. No one is really similar, everyone has their own little thing that they are doing, its not a competition, no one is in competition with each other Ben and Dan Parmar the head honchos have managed to pick the right people there is a whole bunch of acts there’s L Vis, Two Inch Punch, Javeon McCarthy and a whole load of other guys just waiting in the wings, there is a lot in the tank just a great environment everyone pushing forward and doing great things.

So sum up your RBMA experience?

I would recommend RBMA for anyone who is into music, who has a genuine interest in music who wants to get into as well as being creative in music. You’re never too old to learn seeing Benji B and people like that sitting in the sessions asking questions that’s the vibe, that’s why I applied. Not that I am at a level - some people were like “Why are you going are you lecturing?” but I was like no I am going to take part in this, I have learnt loads, I have been inspired, its come at a good time where I am in the studio all week long and you need these extra things to keep you going, when your locked in on your own its so inspiring to come here and its put me on a decent track so hopefully in turn you’ll hear good music from me in the next few months.

Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals, inspiring up-and-coming artists and giving opportunities to perform and collaborate with living legends.  redbullmusicacademy.com