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Reclaim the dancefloor!

Reclaim the dancefloor!

That's the cry from Ibiza Rocks...

Following the rampant success of Bar M's Ibiza Rocks, Andy and Dawn McKay from Manumission have unveiled another exciting new concept as they prepare to Reclaim The Dancefloor in Pacha's Global room each Tuesday. "Ibiza Rocks has shown us what we believed for a long time - that there is a place for guitars in Ibiza," said Andy on the weekly Bar M live gigs.

"But with Reclaim The Dancefloor we're taking this ethos and bringing it back into a club setting. It's danceable music coming from a live background. The emphasis will be on DJs and 4/4 music rather than rock, but the two worlds are coming together and we want to represent that."

"Acts like Digitalism and Justice have broken down the boundaries," said Shane Murray, who'll be looking after the Reclaim The Dancefloor programming. "There are lots of exciting DJs coming through and we want to be the first to break them to the island. This is our chance to do it."

Capturing this current spirit of musical adventure, Reclaim The Dancefloor's line-ups are stepping out with nu-rave leanings, electrock energy, disco-punk attitude and all things eclectic. New Yorker Junior Sanchez, Steve Aoki (aka Kid Millionaire), dope doyenne Goldie Locks and the Uncle Buck DJs are all booked in, with The Gang Bang DJs - current favourites with 2ManyDJs - representing the sound of iconic rock/rave label Modular Records.

Running straight after the Ibiza Rocks gigs each Tuesday, Reclaim The Dancefloor will seize control of Pacha's Global room between 1.30am and 6am, yet Andy insists that it isn't a forum for gimmick DJ sets from rock bands that have appeared at Bar M earlier that evening.

"If a rock band really wants to DJ and have what it takes then we'll put them on," he said. "But we're not doing it cheaply just to have a name on the flyer. The important thing is that the music is quality." "We've got a combined ticket deal going with Pacha so that anyone going to Ibiza Rocks can go over to Reclaim The Dancefloor for just €25 extra," added Murray. "It should introduce some of the younger crowd from Bar M who might not normally go to Pacha."