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Return of R&S

Return of R&S

Seminal label back in the fray

Belgian electronic imprint R&S Records is back. The label behind such pivotal techno, house and electronic singles as Jaydee's 'Plastic Dreams', Outlander's 'Vamp', Joey Beltram's 'Energy Flash', Golden Girls' 'Kinetic', DJ Hell's 'My Definition Of House Music' and the Ravesignal Series relaunches in London and will be managed by James Ingle.

On the 7th April, the label re-releases classic albums Aphex Twin 'Ambient Works 85-92', Model 500 'Classics', Ken Ishii 'Jellytones' and Dave Angel 'Classics' with Derrick May 'Innovator', Model 500 'Deep Space', Joey Beltram 'Classics' and Aphex Twin 'Classics' all to follow in May. R&S have also signed several new projects including fresh music from Paul Woolford, more details of which will be revealed soon.

"I put the label on hold a few years ago because everything had got so stale. Now electronic music feels vibrant and exciting again and the digital sphere has given independent labels so many interesting new opportunities to explore. The time has come for R&S to ride again," revealed label founder Renaat Vandepapeliere.