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Rex The Dog: Interview

Rex The Dog: Interview

Rex The Dog usually refuses to give interviews - he struggles with human. But after some persuasion (biscuits), he agreed to speak to

Sorry Lassie, there's a new doggy in town, who's smarter, cooler, and more valuable than you could ever be.

If Rex The Dog entered Crufts (the world famous dog-show) he'd be king-canine.

Having created some of the most exciting and provocative dance music of the last few years, Rex has proven to be a DJ's best friend, and one talented mutt.

Old Skool Synths

Rex The Dog's first single 'Prototype' has been a pinnacle for many a DJ set – the electro-techno sound Rex produces is created using old skool synthesisers like the 1974 Korg 700s – and is best described as a drunk Daft Punk.

So far, the London-based producers behind Rex have successfully managed to keep their identity a secret by avoiding the media – when Annie Mac interviewed Rex for her BBC Radio 1 radio show, Rex answered her questions by barking.

Luckily for us, Rex The Dog can use
email and he agreed to be
exclusively interviewed by

1. Why are you so bloody secretive?

I don't think we are so secretive, Rex is a dog, so people would not really understand a lot of what he says, and purposefully we prefer to make the music and not do talking.

2. Isn't it counter-productive avoiding press and interviews, when you're trying to make a name for yourself?

If people don't remember us then our music is not enough yet.

We work to make music and hope that this can be instead of speaking. But we are talking now so we are changing a little.

3. If you're trying to remain anonymous, how come Rex The Dog plays gigs?

It is too hard to resist! There are always bright lights, we love to play our tunes and we love smoke and lasers.

The people who come to the shows don't care who we are, just if we play good or bad.

We don't try to remain anonymous, we are just a little quiet for shouting.

4. Where did the name 'Rex The Dog' come from?

It is really Rex's name. It means 'King' in Latin.

5. Would you like to see more animals in dance music?

Of course not. Felix Da Housecat is enough.

Felix and us have never played the same gigs, but if we did there could be big trouble.

I love Felix and he is a leader, but Rex would have issues.

6. Name some other dogs that you respect.

None. Rex is my only one.

7. How come you haven't used dog samples in any of your records yet?

The idea is a bad one, sorry.

8. You've just finished a remix for The Knife. Tell us about that.

We love the Knife. Everything about them. They are a big influence.

When you receive a Knife Song to remix, it is an honour and a sweet pleasure to find the disco interpretation which somehow lies within.

9. How come dogs always sniff each other's arses?

It's just nature's way. Some humans do this too. Different strokes for different folks.

10. If you're really a dog, have you been castrated?

We don't know this word (hold on, somebody just told us what the translation is... that is pretty personal, sorry we don't like this).