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Roger Sanchez On Film

Roger Sanchez On Film

House music superstar to star in film...

US house DJ Roger Sanchez is following in the footsteps of superstars Paul Oakenfold and BT by making music for films.

The enviable New York-based DJ told he was excited by moving into the film world.

"With films, you write a track to fit a particular scene, and not just a tune to make people dance, so the music has to be very tied to what is happening on screen," said Roger.

"It is a very different way of making music, and I will doing more and more films in the future."

Drug Dealing Pimp

Roger will be making his movie debut in a film called 'Johnny Postal' where he plays a drug-dealing pimp.

He's even created music to accompany his character in the movie.

"The story is about a tortured love affair in a trailer park.

"The main character is one of my prostitutes who I am in love with.

"I have done a bit of acting before and I really enjoyed it.

"It is another way of being creative," he said.

Azuli Choice

Speaking of creative, Sanchez has mixed the latest Azuli 'Choice' compilation (out 29th January), which gives DJs the chance to mix seminal tunes and important tracks that have influenced them over the years.

Roger's mix is a kaleidoscopic selection of funk, jazz, italo disco, salsa, electro, and house.

"I feel honoured to have been asked to do a 'Choice' mix and it has been a pleasure putting it together.

"I am at a point now where I can look back on how the dance scene has grown and put the development of my career right next to it.

"It's nice to go back and remember how it all started for me."