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Listen to 'Trust EP' here!

Never one to shy away from a future-thinking release, Gold Panda is set to release his fifth, the 'Trust EP' on vinyl this March on NOTOWN. However the four track selection is now available digitally via Ghostly International.

The release follows his 'Mountain / Financial District' 7” that hit shelves in June 2012 and marks a taster to the London artist's second full-length release, which is due later this year.

As with previous EPs like 'Mirage' and 'You', Gold Panda takes his production into the wide realms of future sounds which are rarely touched by others.

The 'Trust EP' is apparently about “Trusting your instincts”, and through following his natural tenancies Panda has found complex breaks that run deep with technical beauty.

The recording process for the EP found GP more relaxed than in his previous studio stints as he explained to DJ Mag;

“The inspiration was just getting away from computers/laptops made my arrangements a bit more free and natural I think. Just jamming and looking out my window. Then taking a walk to see what I recorded, going back and copying the live arrangement. (Apart from “Casyam_59#2” which is my mate showing me the sounds his Yamaha keyboard could make over a loop I made with a cheap Casio one).”

You can stream the EP below.

Words: David Sullivan