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Take Your Mac For A Spin!

Take Your Mac For A Spin!

Turn your laptop into a mini DJ booth…

Apple Mac owners can now turn their prized possessions into a full-blown DJ system with full iTunes integration with the aid of the new Spin controller from Vestax and Algoriddim DJay software, an all-in-one package that gives DJs total control to mix, scratch and play music like a pro DJ.

The Spin controller has been specifically designed to control Algoriddim DJay software, and looks very similar to Vestax's VCI-100 controller for Traktor. But unlike the VCI-100, the Spin controller has a built-in soundcard so you can plug in headphones and hook it straight into a soundsystem.

Slick and simply laid out, the Spin controller replicates a basic deck/mixer set-up. Two jog-wheels, volume controls and a crossfader make up the main face of the unit, with the usual stop/start/cue button array just under the jog-wheels. The top section contains all the EQ, track load, tempo and auto loop buttons.

The included DJay software - which can also be bought separately for about £30 - integrates with your iTunes library, allowing tracks to be dragged and dropped onto the virtual decks with ease - no need to organise new playlists and the likes.

DJay shifts away from the usual Traktor style audio waveform format and gives a turntable view, as if the tracks are actually playing on two decks, which makes for a simple and fun experience for beginners.

Combining the software and the controller, DJ style tricks are quite easy to perform. Auto scratching will fool your friends that you have scratch skills and the auto beat mixing facility works sufficient well enough to match the BPM of tracks and take the hard work out of mixing. Spin's touch-sensor platters make it easy to cue up and control tracks and the jog-wheels will even allow for scratching.

Coming in at £200, this little package gives a quick introduction to the art of the DJ.

PRICE: £200, CONTACT: vestax.com, djay-software.com