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Tim Davison Interview

Tim Davison Interview

Tim Davison is the hot-shot young producer whose remixes of Chemical Brothers and Underworld have been slaying clubs left right and centre.

Add to that a debut album of electronica and house 'Long Way Home', which has garnered rave reviews all over and you've got one of 2008's brightest stars. We caught up with him to find out what makes him tick…

Your remixes of Chemical Brothers, Cevin Fisher, and Underworld are blowing up in their own right. Why remix these particular artists and tunes?

"Difficult to say really, the Chemical Brothers and the Underworld tracks I've always loved and played out a lot and wanted tracks that I could play out essentially, put my own stamp on them. I handed them to a few DJs after I played 'em out a couple of times and they seemed to get spread around. And the Cevin Fisher came off the back of that, they'd heard my remixes and liked what I'd done."

Your album 'Long Way Home' got props across the board – how would you describe your own sounds?

"The album is quite different to my normal production sound, quite diverse in the sense that it's not just 12-14 tracks for the dancefloor all mixed together, it's much more a home listening kind of album. There are a number of tracks on there that obviously can be played out and they probably got the best reaction on the whole, it was something that was really fun to do. It came out on Baroque, and they said, it's completely up to you, whatever you want to do. If you want to do 12 tracks for DJs it'll probably sell better, but if you want to sound more diverse, that's cool as well."

What stimulates you on the dancefloor that you want to recreate in the studio?

"Nothing particularly, when I make my tracks they come from manipulating sound and normally the sounds are accidents, I don't think there's any particular magic to it, it's just whatever sounds good to yourself, I guess."

Who inspires you, production or DJ-wise?

"Underworld, growing up it was Sasha and Digweed, but it wasn't the particular style, it was more their music that I went out and bought."

Where's the most unusual place you've ever played?

"The clubs in Russia, which have been really at the back of beyond, places I'd never heard of. There was one which was near Japan, a 12 hour flight, you can't really get much further East. And there was a place in Indonesia where I played recently that was about a two hour drive from Jakarta, and there again it was pretty crazy, you take off and you land in a different place, and the people the food, the culture, is completely different."

Was it all expats there?

"No, not being in Jakarta, far from capital, it was just locals really. That's one of the things I'm finding really, in the emerging markets they're much more receptive to new sounds, not as jaded as they are in this country."

What's next for Tim Davison?

"There's a track which has just come out on Anthony Pappa's Red Light label, 'Cat's Cradle', and that's got a remix by Jamie Stephens from Infusion, so that's quite cool. I've done a remix for Global Underground coming up, for a guy called Federico Epis, a Uruguayan producer, in the new year, and a follow up to the Cevin Fisher remix, of 'The Freaks Come Out', a couple of tracks on Max Graham's label Rebrand, which are scheduled for release later this year, so lots coming up."