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Tommy Four Seven

Tommy Four Seven

Tommy Four Seven is this month's pick for deck stardom. Listen to his sweet electro house mix here, and read an interview with the young gun.

Tommy Four Seven
Tommy uses a special gel made from rocket fuel for his hair

Tommy Four Seven
He may be on the verge of success, but Tommy still has to tie his own shoelaces

Tommy Four Seven
Look, I found a bogey!

During the long summer months a typical university student is supposed to sit about doing sweet FA.

But Tommy Four Seven is just as busy writing music now as he was when he was writing essays during term time.

"I'm currently working on my first album, which will be released on Brique Rouge sometime next year and it's a lot of work," he told

Unlike the thousands of students who drop out of uni each year, Tommy is studying something he actually enjoys – Music Technology at London College of Music and Media in Ealing.

Childhood Dream

The course is helping him fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a globetrotting DJ, an aspiration he has had since he was a nipper.

"I started making dance music when I was 12, and I love it," said Tommy.

"It's really starting to happen for me, and to get people like David Duriez supporting my music is really exciting."

Yesterday Tommy spent five hours converting some of his vinyl to CD, and tomorrow he's flying off to Ibiza to play for Judge Jules' Judgment Sundays club night in San Antonio.

Not such a lazy uni student afterall.

Tommy has just done an exclusive mix for and to listen to it just click on the link above.


Tommy guides us through his electro and techno journey, track by track.

1. Tommy Four Seven 'Eat Me' (Mix 2) - Brique Rouge
"I always do the vocals on my tracks, and I recorded the vocals for this one in one take, but don't ask me what I'm on about. I'd describe this tune as jackin' electro house."

2. Ricochet 'Work it!' - RZ Music
"This is quite an old track, but works a treat. It's got a nice 909 acid feel to it, is twisted, but accessible. The first four tracks of a DJ set should bring a crowd in, and this tune is perfect for that."

3. Gregor Tresher 'Battery' - Great Stuff Records
"I got sent this promo by Great Stuff, and it works well. It's got a sweet melody, but the intro was too long so I did a re-edit using the audio editing programme Soundforge."

4. Adultnapper 'Fecund' (Mr C's Sycophant_c mix) - Dirt Crew records
"This is quite bubbly, and will capture the attention of the dancefloor, but is accessible too, so as to not scare off any clubbers who don't like it too twisted!"

5. Mazi & Duriez 'Chicago' - Kill Brique
"David Duriez sent me this, and he made it for a gig he did in Chicago. It picks up the tempo from the last tune, and this is a part of the set where I'd like to speed things up."

6. Hug 'Birds' - Kompakt
"This tune mixes well with the last, and even though it came out in December 2005, I still cane it."

7. Pet Shop Boys 'Minimal' (Superchumbo's Light & Shade Dub) (T47 re-edit) - Parlophone
"I edited out the vocals and trancey chords on this, and then pitched down the original vocals, and added some tape delay to make it more percussive. It's less Pet Shop Boys and more techy with my re-edit."

8. Bruce 'Berlin' (Rockt remix) - Bangbam records
"This is pretty banging, and takes the pace up a bit from the Pet Shop Boys. It's like techno, but stripped down too."

9. Hardfloor 'Screwdriva' - Kill Brique
"I've had loads of people ask me the name of this wicked acid house number. It's my favourite track of the year, and again, I can thank Mr. Duriez for sending this to me."

10. Lazy Fat People 'Dark Water' - Border Community
"I heard Tim Paris play this one time, and it's twisted, mind-bending nonsense. I like to fuck with people's heads sometimes, and this is one of those records."

11. Alex Gomez 'Soliter Final' (Zwista mix) - Goanche recordings
"I always get tingles when I play this. It's deep, and takes the mix where I want it. It's got a great sub bass, and is really dark too."

12. Tom Pooks 'Docker' - Kompakt Extra
"Tom Pooks is one of my favourite producers, and this tune is techy, deep, and stripped back techno. A track for the after hours joints."

13. Andrea Doria 'Miss Fear' - Kling Klong
"Again, Andrea Doria is one of my favourite producers and this track will knock every braincell for six."

14. Anton X 'The Outsider' (Marc Twins mix) - UMF Records
"I'm not usually a fan of loop-based tunes, but this is really unique, and actually ahead of its time. It never leaves my record box."

15. MZ5 'Minimalism' (Robert Babicz remix) - Metropolis Musique
"This remix by Robert B is tough. It's minimal techno, but banging too. It's got a great breakdown with twisted FX."

16. John Starlight 'Shadow Breaker' (Boyz Noize mix 1) - Boyz Noize records
"John Starlight could be my favourite producer of all time. He makes all his tunes using hardware, and you can tell. His music's got soul."