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Totally gridlocked!

Totally gridlocked!

Acid house heroes The Grid return...

Ten years after their last release, Richard Norris (left) and Dave Ball - collectively known as The Grid - are back.

From their seminal 1987 classic 'Jack the Tab', one of the first acid house albums, they've been constant innovators, releasing several pivotal albums between '88 and '95 and even crashing into the UK charts with their mega hit banjosampling anthem, 'Swamp Thing'.

Since then, Norris has worked on a multitude of projects, most recently scribing Paul Oakenfold's biography.

Now they're readying brand new album 'Doppelganger' for 2008, which will be preceded by the single 'Put Your Hands Together', out 8th November. With tough acid elements and neo rave stabs, they're on top form again. Welcome back!