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Watch Filterfunk Video

Watch Filterfunk Video

Filterfunk 'S.O.S.' will probably be one of the biggest dance records of the year. Watch the video for it here.

Watch the video for Filterfunk's 'S.O.S.'Dance music is a funny old business.

Some tunes are made for the underground, and stay there.

Some records are massive underground hits for ages, before momentum slowly builds and they cross over into the mainstream.

And then other tunes are aimed solely at mainstream dancefloors and radio, or are produced for television commercials, and although billed as 'dance records' they rarely get played in dance music clubs.

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Filterfunk 'S.O.S.'

Filterfunk's 'S.O.S (Message In A Bottle)' is an example of the latter, a record that will probably be one of the year's biggest dance records, but actually won't get played in clubs (that's proper electronic music clubs, as opposed to your high street Ritzy).

For a start, the track is built around a vocal sample from The Police's 'Message In A Bottle', and let's face it, with a vocal as recognisable as that, it was never going to be the coolest of records.

Electronic music is about pushing things forward, embracing new
technology, and coming up with
new musical ideas.

Filterfunk's 'S.O.S' doesn't do any of this, but it's still a well produced dance record, and a potential radio favourite.

Watch the video for Filterfunk's 'S.O.S' by clicking play on the video box (above right).