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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Looking fine in a gold satin jacket, Ali Love reveals all...

What are you wearing right now?

"I'm sitting on my doorstep, eating cereal, wearing some jeans, Christian Dior ones. I've got no shoes or socks on and I'm wearing my leather jacket. It's from Beyond The Valley made by Hakulinen Haaeeilee, I think, not sure how to pronounce that. It's a lovely soft, black leather jacket with a hood, I love it!"

Favourite designers / labels?

"I don't really have any favourites. I like classic things, stuff that I've been given. My step dad's given me loads of his old 70s and 80s stuff. He had some really cool satin jackets, gold disco pieces he got from downtown Memphis. It's great that he's kept them and now handed them on to me."

Favourite boutique or shop?

"When I can't be bothered to wash my clothes I just go down to American Apparel. I like their stuff, it's not covered in labels. I don't like to be branded up. I like shopping in Soho and around where I live in Shoreditch. You always find stuff in weird, shitty little towns in the Oxfam or something. I'm looking for a Michael Bolton shirt at the moment! You know, the mullet and the shirt!"

Favourite blog or site?

"I hate the internet. The only thing I go on is YouTube."

Most treasured possession?

"My 1978 gold satin jacket that my step dad gave me that he got from a ghetto shop in downtown Memphis like I said. I got it dry cleaned recently and it looks wicked, I've worn in my video."

What are you up to?

"I've been working on a live show and I'm about to get out there on some tour dates. I've got few things planned with Just Jack, who I did a few tracks for on his album. And doing some dates with Mark Ronson. I've been working on some B-sides and I'm going to be DJing and playing live at Yo Yo at Nottinghill Arts Club in September. And my album 'Love Music's is coming out in January."