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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

We talk to urban fox Janette Slack about her look.

What are you wearing right now?

I'm wearing a jean skirt with red Dr. Marten boots with fish net tights. A black body suit tank toppy thing with a tie that has loads of safety pins and sculls on it. A Bindi and one false eyelash.

Favourite designers/ labels?

I love this independent shop in Camden called No:Wear. They designers are called Doris and Max, they ROCK!! Other labels I love are Miss Sixty, Bench and anything with Spiderman or Thundercats on it.

How do you shop? Online? Often?

Have never shopped for clothes online, it's too dangerous. I might buy everything and never wear it when I get it. I don't really shop for clothes much unless I have something in mind, or I happen to pass by a shop window and I like what's on the mannequin.

Favourite stores / boutique?

Again, No: Wear in Camden. Their stuff is just so original and bold. Cool tank tops and dresses with zips and braces, and funky jackets with cool patterns that look like they've been cut in half. I actually also like checking out Nike Town, but have promised myself not to buy anything from there until I throw more stuff out!

Most treasured item and why?

It's a fight between all my ties. I have so many different ones. Stripy ones, fat ones, thin ones, plain ones, busy ones, nice ones, mean ones. They just jazz up an outfit whether I want to look smart or funky.

Favourite site / blog?

I beg your pardon? I didn�t realize you wanted to get to know what I did in my PRIVATE spare time. I can�t really reveal the name of the site, as I searched long and hard for it and want to keep that a secret thank you very much.

What are you up to?

I am trying to quit smoking at the moment (I say that with a fag in my hand). Have been converted from being a PC to a Mac user, so I'm getting friendly with that and finishing off some more tracks and remixes.

Janette Slack's 'Shake That Thang/Red Ramona' is out now on Air Recordings.