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World Exclusive Oakey Vid

World Exclusive Oakey Vid

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Watch a sneak preview from Paul Oakenfold's upcoming DVD documentary TwentyFourSeven, not available anywhere else!

Video: Press Play

Paul Oakenfold 'Twenty-Four-Seven'

Paul Oakenfold is the original superstar DJ, a true globetrotter, and a dance music ambassador.He's played on the Great Wall of China, produced film scores for Hollywood blockbusters, and during this year's Miami Winter Music Conference he will perform with a live orchestra at Ultra Festival.

Thousands worship him, and
thousands want to be him.

Now thousands can discover the 'real' Oakey by watching a
behind-the-scenes documentary about his life called 24/7.

The DVD, which won't be available until summer 2006, follows Paul across the world, taking in London, LA, Ibiza, and other far flung glamorous destinations.

Viewers can see him DJ, hang out with his celebrity mates, and do normal things like watch TV, shop, and wash his car.

The DVD includes footage of Paul visiting his old school, his mum, and the shops where he bought his first records.

Clearly Paul is on a mission to push the
boundaries of DJ culture to its limits.

This is the first documentary of its kind in the world, and nothing so personal has ever been made about a DJ before.

There's an exclusive interview with Oakey, and he answers your questions (as posted in's forums), in the current issue of DJmag.

For more info on the forthcoming Oakie DVD visit: and