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Pioneer, mix it up again in the DJ Booth with the release of its new XDJ-1000 USB only player

Well we all knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later, and with that power start to the sentence all can be revealed. Pioneer have finally ditched the CD player in their new range of CDJ decks actually without the CD element we can’t call them CDJs, enter the all new multi player deck the XDJ-1000.

Yes for many it’s been a long time coming, most DJs rarely used the CD deck on the 2000s or in fact any of the nexus range of CDJ decks, so it was only a matter of time before Pioneer said good bye to it forever. The timing couldn’t be better, if they had done this a few years even months ago, there would have been a backlash from a DJ community (who probably also didn’t use the CD side of the decks anyway) just because of this, dare I say it bold move from the masters of the DJ Booth. Pioneer has finally ditched the CD player in its all-new XDJ-1000 multi player deck. The first of no doubt a new range of players for the modern DJ.

Based on its industry standard CDJ range the new XDJ-1000 features a new 7 inch full colour touch screen display plus a host of other new features. The XDJ works perfectly with Rekordbox and tracks can be loaded via USB or Wi-Fi. Looking rather snazzy with a host of top-flight features the XDJ-1000 is no doubt a nice bit of kit. The new features are indeed most welcomed and something that has been asked for by many CDJ-2000 users for sometime.

The new decks are once again shaping the way that DJs drop their sets in the next era of the modern age.

Check out DJ Pedestrian dropping major beats on the all new XDJ-1000 below.