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Zabiela & Fanciulli

Zabiela & Fanciulli

Young guns James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli announce new DJ partnership...

Two of Britain's best young DJs have announced a new partnership for 2007 that will see them follow in the footsteps of superstar DJ duo Sasha & Digweed.

James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli will launch their new partnership One+One at Miami's Winter Music Conference, and will embark on a worldwide DJ tour that includes a gruelling leg around the USA on a tour bus.

Sasha and John Digweed infamously were the first DJs to take to the road like rock stars when they travelled around America for their Delta Heavy tour in 2002.

James and Nic will do the same, covering the length and breadth of the States in a bus, and will play back to back together at every gig, with up to five gigs planned per week.

Following the US, they will tour the UK, Asia, Australia and Europe.

"Even though Nic and I are relatively young DJs compared to most we've been touring heavily on our own for a few years now," said James.

"So when we did a quick tour of Australia and Asia last year we decided that it's much more fun to go with someone else!"

"I've always wanted more hands in the DJ Booth and now I have them, we'll be using the Q2 Dual DJ which will allow us to independently cue things as well as play with FX units, laptops and CDJs of course."

Nic and James have developed a special DJ bond
Nic revealed that James and him have formed a special bond in the DJ booth.

He said: "We both started off with the same musical background and as time went on we developed our own styles.

"When we put them together it works well and we seem to compliment each other musically."

The pair plan to release a CD on Ministry of Sound records to showcase their One+One partnership, which will coincide with the world tour.

"Normally when making an album I panic about getting things done but this has been a totally different process," said Nic.

"I've really enjoyed it; James and I bounce off each other and help one another out if the other is struggling.

"I'm so looking forward to getting this tour on the road."