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Best known for: 
“Our style.”
Tune of the year: 
“Fetty Wap 'Trapqueen'.”
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
“All those who reached a higher level of creativity.”
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“Creating the vibe and reading the crowd.”
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“Depends on what light you shine on it. But yes! There is always room for growth.”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“Yes it does. But you have to go through it in order to realize its effects.”
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“We lead a healthy lifestyle. Factory farming and human consumption is something that we take seriously.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“Hollywood, a club in Eindhoven where we started our connection with the nightlife.”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“The fact that this is a question being asked, separating them from men, already makes it an issue.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
“Some singers use help from songwriters, some DJs use help from producers. Music is more than just a song, and it's the bigger picture that matters.”