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Big room bounce
Best known for: 
“Bounce Generation”, “Raveology”, “How We Party”, “Louder”, “The Wave”
Tune of the year: 
Major Lazer & DJ Snake – “Lean On”
Brescia, Italy
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
DJ Snake
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
To make the crowd dance during their set. Pure and simple.
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
We certainly think so. EDM music has a lot of energy and people need energetic music, especially during festivals.
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
Sometimes it does, yes, but we are very strong and focused on our career and goals, so we don’t let it get us down.
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
Just to produce good music.