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12 emerging artists you need to hear this October


12 emerging artists you need to hear this October

The latest and greatest DJs and producers rising to the top this month. From full-throttle club music and experimental techno to bouncy house grooves, here's October 2019's list of upcoming talent you should be keeping track of

India Jordan

A future hero of UK electronic music, Doncaster-born, London-based India Jordan has become a vital figure in a few burgeoning scenes in recent years. As co-founder of New Atlantis, a label and monthly day party in London’s Rye Wax focusing on ambient music, Jordan has been a champion for emerging artists in the realm of glimmering, beatless soundscapes, as well as being a more than accomplished DJ in that sphere.

As a part of the Local Action family, Jordan has become known for their exuberant, genre-spanning sets. They recently released a “full- throttle” debut EP, ‘DNT STP MY LV’, through the label, spanning everything from festival-ready house on the title track to fast-paced, deep breaks and soaring big-room melodies. September has also seen the release of ‘WARPER’, a rapid techno cut drenched in sub- bass. It comes accompanied by B-side ‘Bulbasaur Shuffle’, a versatile club track that speaks not only to the sense of fun that pervades their catalogue, but also an essential, raw talent. 

For fans of: Finn, Anz, Sim Hutchins

Mary Yuzovskaya

Even though, like so many techno DJs, she spent time in Berlin for a while, it was when she moved to New York that Russian-born Mary Yuzovskaya really found her groove. She now runs her own vinyl-only label, Monday Off, and holds a residency at the notorious Unter parties alongside Volvox. In September, her label released a compilation featuring cuts from herself, Craft, Michael Wolski and Soramimi. And previously, Jamaica Suk, Arthur Kimskii and Cory James have made appearances. Yuzovskaya is a vinyl-only DJ, and specialises in deep, hypnotic techno. It’s perfect for intimate clubs or cavernous warehouses, which is why Mary has so far played The Basement, Smangtasia Festival, Bossa Nova Civic Club, ://about blank, WHOLE United Queer Festival, and Geneva’s Attitude Nocturne this year. She’s touring Europe again soon, playing Berlin’s Pornceptual in December along with a host of other gigs. No wonder she needs Mondays off.

For fans of: Wata Igarashi, Jamaica Suk, DVS1 

Manuel Fischer

The music scene in Zürich is making noise far beyond the reaches of the Swiss city, and one of the most exciting native artists right now is Manuel Fischer. His diverse, moody, musical and club-ready debut album dropped on the always-respectable Lobster Theremin in April, but his contributions started long before then, with a discography that includes releases on Oskar Offermann’s White, Tief, and Drumpoet.

His own Ozelot Records has been an inspiration for many, sharing split EPs with other local artists exploring acid, house, electro and various other sounds. A resident DJ at the much-loved Zürich nightclub Zukunft, Manuel’s also toured Asia, Australia and the USA. His music is beautifully crafted and intelligent, hinting to the past while firmly looking to the future. Testament to his versatility as a producer he’s also scored film music for European culture channel Arte and Swiss TV, however his core fanbase remains firmly in dance music.

For fans of: Tom Trago, Edward, Johannes Albert


Though issues such as a fragile economy and government censorship can make carving out experimental spaces seem impossible, in reality it’s within challenging conditions that artistic forms often thrive. Such is the case in Cairo, Egypt, which remains vibrant among uncertainty, and it’s here that DINA is based. 

Starting as a DJ in Canada, where she co-founded party collective Nachtcrew, and began her bi-weekly residency, Boarding Gate, on N10.AS (a Montréal community web-radio station), DINA has since earned sets on UK-based NTS, Rinse and Noods, before a hyperactive Boiler Room beckoned. That set saw her drop Schacke, Kulør’s IBON and turn-of-the-millennium earworms from Yves Deruyter, reflecting her white-hot style; pummelling, seismic and hypnotic. Her debut EP ‘Sea Trial’ on Munich’s Molten Moods brought ravey, bleeped-up, twisted cuts, and she’s currently prepping her second to arrive before we bid 2019 farewell.

For fans of: Courtesy, ANNA, Solid Blake 


People have long-been fusing guitars and electronic music, but not often as seamlessly and sleazily as Scalping. With techno being ever-more influenced by industrial and noise, the timing of this experimental Bristol trio is also perfect. New single ‘Rapture’, out this month on Council Records, is a dense, dystopian soundscape, with strobe-lit synths, edgy guitar drones and lumpy kick-drums all adding up to something impossibly dirty, gritty and powerful. Their notorious live shows often feature intense lights and lasers, and are just as all-consuming and visceral as their studio work. This summer Scalping played slots at Glastonbury and Bluedot, as well as support shows for the likes of Marie Davison, and this autumn they play numerous dates round the UK. Do not miss.

For fans of: Giant Swan, SHXCXCHCXSH, Lakker

Shiken Hanzo

Shiken Hanzo, aka Ryan Fearon, has been putting out a steady stream of high-quality releases for a few years now. Though rooted in drum & bass, it’s music that draws on a wide sphere of influences, from bass to techno to ambient, all with a minimalist approach. His half-stepping rhythms, desolate soundscapes and crisp percussion make for music that is tense, cinematic and absorbing, working as well on headphones as it does in the club.

Releases have come on labels like Blackest Ever Black sub-label A14, Samurai Music and Loxy’s Cylon Recordings. Fearon has a love for Japan’s samurai culture that permeates his music, and the artwork and track titles of his own Hojo Clan label. Next up is another EP full of fascinatingly foreboding “gangster tekno” — as it has been called — on Repertoire in October, marking another bold step forward for the rising star.

For fans of: Loxy, Homemade Weapons, RUFFHOUSE


Part of the post-2016 wave of YouTube- facilitated producers, Frankfurt-born LUZ1E’s releases nevertheless possess a starker, tougher-hewn edge, containing an eclectic range of influences from ghettotech to jungle by way of electro. Getting into electronic music, LUZ1E was at first inspired by pioneering Chicago house DJs Larry Heard and Kerri Chandler, but soon made Motor City techno and electro producers Drexciya and Octave One her touchstones. Detroit-evoking sonics are present in her productions, where they are underlaid with a hectic, percussive energy. Having debuted at Panorama Bar earlier this year during a Lobster Theremin all-star showcase, and having taken the reins at the much-loved Robert Johnson this September, there is no doubt that LUZ1E is an artist on the rise.

For fans of:  Route 8, DJ Swagger, DJ Wave


Founded in 2016 by multi-talented singer-songwriter Nat Dunn and former Van She member, Nicky Night Time, NAATIONS have experienced a meteoric rise in the last three years. Their breakthrough anthem, ‘Kingdom’, put them on the dance music map, and they haven’t looked back since. A year later, NAATIONS teamed up with Gorgon City and Duke Dumont to make their hit, ‘Real Life’, which was followed up by the duo’s debut solo EP, ‘Teardrop’, and a stellar remix of Crooked Colours’ ‘Perfect Run’. 

Just a few months after the release of their collaboration with Australian producer Hayden James, ‘Nowhere To Go’, NAATIONS are currently providing support for James’ album tour in Australia and North America, featuring stops at Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, L.A, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit and New York.

For fans of: Disclosure, Blinkie, Hayden James

Nymra & Sofisticated

United at a young age, Nymra & Sofisticated have grown from close friends to musical partners. Known formally by their names Pascale and Sophie, the duo have established their career in the heart of Montréal, slowly growing to match their tech-house performances at local city joints with bookings on electronic line-ups around the globe.

Over the years, the duo has garnered a fierce respect from surrounding peers and fans for their continued involvement in the city’s illustrious music scene. When not busy dominating the decks at their esteemed High Heels Prohibited residency, they can be found steering their way through dancefloors — in flats, of course.

For fans of: Chus & Ceballos, Matthias Meyer, Yokoo

Coral D

Duncan Stump, aka Coral D, an alias taken from cult science fiction writer JG Ballard’s Vermilion Sands, burst into the consciousness of electronic music fans with ‘Sways’, a four-track collection on Klasse Wrecks, headed by breaks and bleeps aficionados Luca Lozano and Mr Ho. Instead of exuberant junglist breakbeats, Coral D goes in for a sparse minimalism that sometimes recalls Sheffield’s early ’90s bleep techno scene, when productions were pared down and groove-focused. 

Coral D’s DJ sets are self-described as “dubby,” his record stacks bristle with reggae deep cuts, and echoes of dub naturally find their way into his productions. With a debut LP out next spring, Coral D’s evolution will be one to watch.

For fans of: Unique 3, Alphonse, Skee Mask

Mikey Palermo

Mikey Palermo is no stranger to Toronto’s nightlife enthusiasts. To many, he’s known as a rising force within the city’s local scene. To others, he’s the friendly neighborhood corndog connoisseur. Over the last year, Palermo has bounced through top-tier venues and clubs across his hometown, opening the floors for DJs like Walker & Royce, Kyle Watson, and PAWSA. His fresh take on booty-shaking house music and appreciation for hip-hop hits separates his style from others, and has set the tone for many memorable nights. Ending the summer with a bang, his latest collaboration with Toronto producer Vaxx, dubbed ‘Help Line’, was recently released via Detroit-based house label Country Club Disco.

For fans of: Shiba San, Format:B, Walker & Royce


With a splash of disco funk, a dash of modern house groove, and relentlessly cheery pop sensibilities, Swedish brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson formed ManyFew in the hope of bringing uplifting energy and smiles to the dancefloor. The self-taught duo exude a passion for producing wildly digestible tunes that unwittingly get you up and moving. 

Their most recent release, ‘Closer Love’, just received a dancefloor ready ‘VIP Mix’ — and the duo is excited to unveil further 2019 releases on Axtone and Perfect Havoc Records. Their monthly radio show, Electronic Heaven, now garners over 250,000 recurring listeners, as it embarks on its third year. Set to play Ministry Of Sound’s fabled Weekender this November, 2020 is poised to be a monumental year.

For fans of: Oliver Heldens, Arno Cost, The Magician

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